How To Sort A Database File With Apple Mac OS


How To Sort A Database File With Apple Mac OS

I have worked with many databases in my computer experience through time. I can tell you from the start that most databases have the ability to sort all the records inside them but there are sometimes difficulties in doing this procedure. Even worse it happens that sorting items isn’t always done as you would like to be.  Also it could happen to be provided with a software program that can prove to be very difficult to manage or the information provided is too much to understand without intense study.

Happily for us when it comes to Mac view over this issue things are very simple/and there are some tools offered by Apple that might help very much when it comes to working with databases as text files. After the transformation is done all you have to do is move it to known software that applies to your abilities. Here are the few steps needed to be known by a user:

  1. You have the possibility to convert a database to plain text. And know from the start this is a feature that is almost always included in all database software and in general it can be found under the “File” menu. You can find it under the name of “Export” or “Save As”. Simply choose any of the following from the save dialog: text, tab-separated text or comma-separated text. Depending on what you are using there could be other windows appearing before the save dialog is presented. Regardless of what you are presented simply follow the steps until you are allowed to save the database as text.

  2. Open the Terminal application that is located in your Applications/Utilities folder.

  3. In order to start the process, type the word “sort” followed by a space in the Terminal window. Be sure you are not pressing the return button.

  4. Now simply drag the file you have saved before in the Terminal window. After this click on the window again. You should see the name of the file appear after the word “sort”. And again make sure you don’t press return.

  5. Type a space and then the “>” key. Press another space and then be sure you enter this phrase: ~/Documents/sorted-db.txt. Now press the return hey in order to begin the sorting of your database. This procedure will open the exported file you have created at step 1 and sort every line in an alphabetical order. Save it to a file named “sorted-db.txt” in your Documents folder.

  6. Just open the saved file sorted-db.txt that you wish to review. You can import it into any database software that feats your needs or even a spreadsheet software of your choice.

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