How To Share Apple MackBook Webcam With Friends


How To Share Apple MackBook Webcam With Friends

Apple offers so many great things with its services. For example I love some of the features offered by the iSight. For those who don’t know this is a webcam built into every MacBook. It has the option to set up a video chat and this happens with the software already available by default.

But beside that with some programming skills and some good Mac knowledge you have the option to turn this little device into an automatic camera offering nice features like a video feed to anyone that is connected to your video chat account. Here are the few steps in order to make this possible.

  1. You start by launching the iChat application located on the Dock or the Application folder.

  2. Now be sure you have already set up the video chat account. If this isn’t done already be sure you make it happen. There are multiple accounts that can be used by iChat and they work on platforms like Yahoo!, Google Talk, MobileMe and AIM. Also as an additional feature they work on networks that support the Jabber protocol such as Facebook.

  3. After getting the last point done you must give your video chat username to those persons who you desire to have access to your feed. With other words to those persons who you wish to share your webcam. If you wish for example to make a public camera or something like that (although I don’t recommend it but it can be done) just publish your username on a blog or other social media networks like Facebook or Twitter.

  4. After someone adds you, there will be an accept chat request incoming that will come through iChat. This is an operation that must be done manually and for every person that sends you a video chat request. There is an option to automate the process in order to make all the incoming requests be accepted. This will be explained in the next step.

  5. Launch the AppleScript Editor application in /Applications/Utilities. There should appear a new black window in which you must type the following: tell application “iChat” to accept every chat. Then there should be a “Compile” button. Press it and if the words were inserted correctly the format should change automatically. Just save this script in your hard drive.

  6. In iChat, there is the preferences window. This can be opened by clicking iChat window under the iChat menu. There the “Alerts” tab should be clicked. From all the options select “Video Invitation” in the Event drop menu, then click the checkbox “Run an AppleScript script.” When you click this script a drop menu should appear and the previous saved script should be among the options. Select it and wait for it to automatically provide a video feed to any incoming video chat request.

A nice thing that I consider everyone should know is how to stop your camera. If you wish to stop the automated video chat or simply just wish to temporarily just shut down your camera just quit the iChat application. A simple relaunch will make it work again with all your previous parameters set.

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