How To Manage Hard Drives Names In Microsoft Windows 7 OS


How To Manage Hard Drives Names In Microsoft Windows 7 OS

Although this is not a must know feature for Windows 7, I do consider it to be a nice addition to the baggage of knowledge offered so far about this OS from Microsoft. You have the possibility of drive letters for all your hard drives and other storage devices in Windows 7 but there is also the possibility of names.

When installing the OS the default name is “Local Drive,” a thing that can be easily changed to whatever you like or think it’s more useful in your case. This can prove to be very helpful for labeling your computer drives with a name that shows just what you have inside them. This eliminates the need of opening them and seeing what’s inside. Also it’s a nice personalization that I always like to do when installing Windows 7 OS.  But there are some things about the names of drivers that you must 1st know before deciding what is what.

1st of all there is the length permitted in Windows 7. This OS only allows an amount of 32 characters and this includes all the spaces and punctuation. Also there is a limit of one character (obvious thing to me) and if you leave it blank the system will return its default name: “Local Drive”. For those who just want a blank name, just press space and there you have it.

A nice thing about naming drivers is the fact there is no character limitation. In fact you can name your drive with whatever letter available in Windows 7. Furthermore, beside from letters there are numbers, punctuation and even some symbols like smiley faces, musical notes, arrows, stars and hearts. It’s all up to you and your imagination. Also if you are from a place where English is not your native language, your native characters are also welcome to enter the equation. Languages like Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic or Greek are present with all the required information.

But let’s let what you can use in order to rename your driver and let’s see how you can actually do it. You begin by clicking on the “Start” button located on the right bottom side of your screen and locate “Computer” and enter it. Now simply right click on a drive that you desire to rename and among other option presented in the menu there is the “Rename” one. Now just type your desired one and then press “Enter”. You will be probably for administrator permissions. Simply click “Continue” and enter the administrator password if it’s required. Regardless of the drive or the numbers of drivers the process is basically the same.

There are some considerations needed to be pointed when choosing a desired name. In general when renaming your hard drive, you do it with the files inside and what the general content of it is. For example when having a lot of music and video files inside one driver a good suggestion would be “Media”. There are some people that (although I don’t encourage it) have only one drive. There is no need or renaming in this case but take in consideration that the next time you format your operating system you are also losing all the information on the partition that hosted it. So I consider a must to have multiple partitions or at least two: one for Windows 7 OS and another for all the other files.

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