How To Handle eBay Competition And Be Ahead Of It


How To Handle eBay Competition And Be Ahead Of It

More and more people are using eBay, one of the most well known and used online market. There are many sellers that are earning enough to live comfortably. On eBay, the competition is fierce and, as a seller you need to develop a great strategy for selling if you don’t want to stay behind others. Even being a novice, people can develop their own selling strategies. More experienced sellers have their own strategies, which they have studied very carefully. If you want to stay on the top of the game on eBay just use some creativity. Even you are a novice or an experimented seller on this successful auction site, you’re earnings may be surprising if you make some careful studies of the market.

Until you will develop your own strategies, try one or more of the followings if you want to be a great competitor on eBay:

A great seller it’s putting themselves in the shoes of a potential buyer. When a customer searches a certain product he uses some keywords and phrases to look for it. A frequent mistake is that the sellers are using only the product’s brand but the wise thing to do is to use more than that. For example, certain product brands aren’t very popular yet and by using only that, you will not sell them. When selling slimming coffee, try to use the keywords “slimming coffee” or “diet coffee” instead its brand name. That way of promoting you’re products will make you searchable on Google as well.

Another trick that will help you be on the top of the game on eBay is to add value to your product. How to do that? It’s very easy: try to offer different items when the customers are buying from your online store. You can offer some bonuses, like free shipping when buying a certain amount from your eBay account. Offer also bonuses that are related to the product you are selling. That way, the customer may buy a laptop and you can give him a laptop bag as a bonus. So, in order to sell products it doesn’t really mean lowering its cost but to add better value to by offering free items. Not always cheaper means better value.

Usually, just exploring eBay you’ll make the difference between experienced sellers and beginners. Most experienced sellers will have a better presentation of the products, and many pictures. They will also post information regarding the proportions of it, and pictures with the necessary angles. A beginner doesn’t have many data about the item and has usually a poor presentation of the listing. A great difference between sellers it is a customer- friendly listing.

A great idea is to search the listing of your competitors and look for any mistakes in it. When you have detected those loopholes, try to avoid it while making your own listing. Try to make a better listing than the others sellers. You will be able to do that by posting more information about the products you are selling. Also, try to post good pictures that will help the user to choose the ideal product according his needs.

It will be helpful to ask buyers to give you feedback after they visit your eBay profile. In order to encourage them, you could offer some free digital items, as for example an ebook. It is well known that not all users like to give feedback, even if they are happy with the services that you offer. Also, another way to encourage them is that you may offer exchange feedback.

You will notice that all customers are buying from a business that has a better customer service. In order to have such a business it is advised to try and keep in touch with your customers. You will be able to do that just by checking your eBay account for at least once per day. Also, try to answer at all questions in a friendly tone. That way the potential buyers won’t get too intimidated. The key of a great business is to provide good customer service.

To have a successful business you need to continuously learn. Try to be always ahead of the competition and that way you will have the best profits.

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