How To Delete Facebook Messages On Your Apple iPod Touch


How To Delete Facebook Messages On Your Apple iPod Touch

Facebook, Facebook and again Facebook! You hear so much of the social network these days that it’s becoming a little annoying to be honest. And when you apply this technology to Apple and its products I am sure this will be a daylong topic.

In fact as far as I know Facebook is the largest social network at the moment and hast around 750 million active users worldwide. This is a big boost in comparison to 2010 where if I don’t mistake, the number of users was around 680 million. And to make it available everywhere you also have the option to use it on iOS operating system. This means you can keep track and chat with all your friends from devices like iPhone and iPod and iPad with a normal internet connection and a little knowledge.

Let’s focus a little on iPod in this article. The app used in this case gives the user a lot of power and offers some nice features that can be seen even on the normal website.  I’m speaking about and conversations, a must have for every Facebook user. Also deleting messages is an easy job that can be done with a few presses here and there and has the same movements as Apple’s Messages and Mail applications.

  1. You start by opening the “Facebook” app on your Apple iPod Touch device.

  2. Now tap on the grid icon located in the upper left hand corner in the Facebook app in order to open the main menu with different functions.

  3.  From all the options select “messages” and tap on it.

  4. To start making a delete action, swipe the unwanted message from right to left. With this action a “Delete” button should appear.

  5. Simply press it and the conversation or the message will be deleted

Great functionality to be honest and the fact that all the apps features are so easy to use makes it a great deal and a nice thing to have it installed.

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