How To Set Up And Use The Asus Laptop Camera


How To Set Up And Use The Asus Laptop Camera

There are so many Asus laptop computers on the market that at some point you start to lose count. In general there are many similarities between them. Like for example the integrated webcam. With this tiny device you have possibilities to record video clips, capture still images and video chat online with whoever you like. Friends, family members and contacts will never be closer to you.

All the functions like instant messaging and chat services will have to the normal functionality a video feature. Most of them detect the webcam function automatically when you start using them.  But in order to capture still images or video clips you also have to use some software. For this purpose we recommend a free app named LifeFrame that comes installed with all Asus laptops that have a webcam integrated.  Here are the six steps needed to accomplish this:

  1. You start by clicking on the “Start” button located on the bottom left side of your computer. From there select “All Programs” and click on the “Asus Utility” one.

  2. Highlight and then click on the LifeFrame program icon. This will make the LifeFrame application to run and to start controlling your Asus webcam.

  3. Now select the “still camera” icon. This is located in the selector wheel at the bottom of the program window. This will make the webcam output to be displayed in a pane in the center of the program window. Also click on the “capture image” button with the right-facing arrow button to capture a still image with the webcam. This will make the image be added to the grid view of thumbnails on the right side of the program window. With a double click on the image there will be several option available like: “move to”, an option that will let the image be saved in a folder on your hard drive, or even email it with the “Email” option. This last function is great when you want to send to a friend an image you have captured. A new option would be that of uploading it directly on a social network like Facebook or Flickr. This is a great improvement because of the interactivity you can now have between your blog or personal website and a simple screenshot.

  4. Another function can be made by clicking on the “video camera” icon in the program’s selector wheel. There LifeFrame will display the webcam again in the center of the program window. Click on the “Capture Video” button with the right-facing arrow button to capture a video clip with the webcam. When you have all that you need recorder simply press the “Stop” button represented by the square icon. This will add the recorded video clip to the thumbnails on the right side of the program window. With a double click you will have the same options like in the previous step: store the video clip on your computer, email it to friends or upload it to social networks and websites.

  5. When it comes to video there are numerous other settings that can be applied. Like for example when clicking on the video settings icon located under the video output display in the center of the program. There are options for adjusting the audio volume, video color, brightness and contrast by clicking the relevant button. This can be done by moving the slider control to the left or right. Also when it comes to handling video resolution there are several settings to change he quality level of the video recorded by the webcam. There is a problem because as normal larger video files also consume a bigger video space. But this is an option that becomes a must have if you are recording video clips to upload on social networks like YouTube or Facebook. When it comes to mailing videos, I recommend using smaller video files just because they are sent faster and the probability they will reach their target is greatly increased.

  6. There are also some settings that might involve the microphone. These can be toggled by pressing the microphone icon in the selector wheel and can become very useful for recording audio without video. This is done by pressing the “Capture Audio” button with the right-facing arrow button. When you are satisfied with the quantity recorded simply click on the “Stop” button shaped like a square icon. This will make your audio clip put in the thumbnails on the right side of the program window.

In general in all Asus laptops I have worked with both the microphone and webcam are incorporated into the laptop’s casing above the display. I recommend moving the laptop’s fliptop lid if you desire to move your webcam viewing angle.

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