Why Root Barnes & Noble Nook Color


Why Root Barnes & Noble Nook Color

If you are the owner of a Nook Color you probably know the device comes from the factory with Android as the operating system. And you probably already noticed that applications and games for your Nook Color are purchased and distributed through Barnes & Noble. With other words because of this you only have access to your Nook e-books and there is no way to read or purchase others from other sellers. Or is it?

As an overview, Barnes & Noble sells the Nook Color for reading e-books through its Nook Bookstore. The Nook Color is an e-Reader that has a seven inch screen, some speakers to listen to your favorite tunes and even an email application that comes very handy when trying to check accounts. But there are many other functions that can be applied to a Nook Color if you root the device. Basically you can turn it into a tablet with all functions.

With the rooting process, you unlock the file systems from the device. After doing this there are numerous Android operating systems available to install. You probably heard of Froyo, Gingerbread or Honeycomb, versions of Android that might be at your disposal. The rooting software is installed and Android operating system with the help of a microSD card. After that all it takes it a booting of Nook Color with that microSD card inside.

Let’s 1st pinpoint some advantages:

-          With this process you turn your low-cost Nook Color e-reader into a full Android tablet with access to all e-bookstore applications available on the Android operating system.

-          You have the option to put very big libraries of books from different platforms (you have at your disposal a cross-platform e-book reader).

-          The quantity of games and apps available on Android Market is huge and you can enjoy them at their full potential.

But of course there are some disadvantages of the rooting procedure:

-          When performing the rooting process, you are performing a technical process with the potential to go wrong. There are changes to damage the software inside and for you to make a fully restoration to factory setup.

-          Also the warranty is broken after making this process meaning if the device breaks at some point you will not receive any support or a replacement from Barnes & Noble.

So I guess is up to you to decide if the advantages are worth the risk. I would say do a good study about the procedure to be sure you minimize the risks and go on with the process. Be sure to let us know about any questions in the comment section.

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