How To Call Facebook Friends On iPhone Using Talkatone App


How To Call Facebook Friends On iPhone Using Talkatone App

Facebook has support for video calling and you can use it to easily contact your friends, but this works only if you use Facebook desktop web pages and not for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but, now, some iOS app developers managed to create the Talkatone application and this one can be used on iOS gadgets to voice call Facebook friends. Also, this app is free and you can enjoy its features easily, only by downloading, installing and launching Talkatone right from your iPhone / iPad device.

Talkatone requires the iOS 4.0 or later edition to be running on your Apple device and you can make voice calls or send text messages via WiFi or 3G connections. Voice calls audio are of a very high quality. It has support for notifications for incoming calls and text alerts and the best thing about it is that you have a free service support, however while you try to reach service support for Talkatone you might want to know that internet provider data cost might be applied. You can stay in contact with your friends, family, business clients and partners and also you can use it to talk to new people and contacts you add to your Facebook profile.

The service used for voice calls ( phone calls ) is Google Voice and it has been used by Danis Dayanov, creator of Talkatone, to configure the app to support and integrate it within Facebook. Because it uses VoIP service you can use 3G and WiFi network to start voice calls, also it has support for Facebook Chat notifications. You might think that Talkatone is a smaller program that tries to beat giants such as Skype of Jajah, both with Facebook voice calling supported, but, instead of using cell minutes, Talkatone uses data plan and that is why calls can be only started when you’re on a 3G or WiFi connection. Also, Dayanov said that in his own vision of the future cellular world the phone numbers and the cell minutes will be completely unnecessary and that the future of voice and video calling from smartphones will rely on data plans. This isn’t an original perspective of the future of mobile telephony, as we all know that as the time goes by, important steps will be made by important phone companies to please the needs of cell phone users and offer them better qua

other similar mobile gadgets.

Get the Talkatone app for iPhone and iPad from iTunes by clicking this link.

  • wait for the download to be complete.

  • install Talkatone app on your iPhone / iPad

  • set up and connect it with your Facebook account profile.

  • invite all your Facebook friends to use it too and then you will be able to perform voice calls via Talkatone.

  • works only with iOS 4.o or later

Please note that since the app is free to use with Facebook, it will send a single ‘spamming’ message to your friends’ Facebook wall stating something like this: I’m calling you on Facebook from the Talkatone app. You can download and install it in on your iPhone / iPad and then you can use it to call me back free of charges. Such spamming alert messages are normal since the app is free to use.

Talkatone has been already downloaded by over one millions users and there are more than 150k active users on a daily basis. Also, this great voice calling app is located at number 11 on the top Social Networking iPad apps. The Talkatone developers stated that the next step for them will be to implement and improve the video calling service.

If you have any other questions regarding the Talkatone App please use the comments field to post them.

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