How To Remove The Zentom System Guard Virus - Complete Uninstall Guide


How To Remove The Zentom System Guard Virus - Complete Uninstall Guide Zentom System Guard is a malware application that uses numerous false alerts to make you think that your system has been infected with malware files and that your computer needs its utilities to get of the so-called infections. This virus is a clone of the Antimalware Doctor virus and it uses the same tactics to infect as many computer as possible, as until now this malware managed to infect more than ten thousand computers worldwide in a months time. The title used to describe Zentom is 'rogue antivirus', which usually tells users that this software will gain control over your computer's applications and settings.

This virus uses trojan files to get into your system, as these will install automatically from fake web pages and then it will start to show false adverts to try and force users to click its screens, which will eventually happen and that is the moment when the Zentom virus managed to infect your computer. The online advertisements are telling you that your system contains virus files and that only by using its tools you will be able to remove all of them. Clicking on that particular screen was the action that triggered the installation of the Zentom System Guard virus on your PC and now you have to learn how to get rid of it successfully without damaging your system.

When the Zentom System Guard malware successfully installs in your PC, it will open up a Windows Automatic Update screen, which is fake and only resembles the genuine one, that will ask you to download and install the 'System Security Pack 2010.78.932 (Zentom System Guard Upgrade; KB904067)' update. After this, the virus will pop up on your PC and you will be asked to scan the computer. Obviously the scan will deliver fake results and all of those so called infected files are in fact non-existent files; as you click the remove button, Zentom will tell you that in order to delete all those files, you will have to purchase the full program. This is a common tactic used by Ransomware virus programs to trick users into paying for bogus programs to steal money from gullible users.  The only that you need to remember is to avoid clicking the alerts shown by Zentom as you will simply add multiple other infections and there will be much more work for you to do before completely deleting the entire Zentom System Guard virus.

In case you tried to pay for this malware or in case you did manage to send money for it, then you should know that the virus won't go away and you might have lost the money and the only thing that you need to do is to contact the credit card company and to ask them if there is any chance that you will get your money refunded. Explain that you were the victim of a scam and that Zentom is a virus. Also, remember that this malware displays only fake errors and alerts and you should ignore all these alerts, as there will be much more popping up until you manage to remove the infection. Now that you know all these, we can move on to the Zentom System Guard virus removal guide.
Zentom System Guard Virus Removal Guide

Before we can move on to the first step, you need to properly prepare the computer for the malware uninstallation process. Here's how to do it.

    print out the entire virus removal guide, as at some point of the removal guide, you will have to close all the running programs and screens. Alternatively you can open this web page on another PC and follow the instructions from its screen.

    the virus might have blocked the download functions of your computer, which means that the applications you need to use in order to remove the virus files will have to be downloaded on another PC and only then you can use a USB flash drive or a CD / DVD to transfer the virus removal programs on the infected PC.

Now, let's move on to the first step, but, please note that you have to carefully all the instructions and when you reach the final step the Zentom System Guard malware will be successfully deleted.

    Download malware terminator from here. This small utility will help you block the malware from running and all its processes, action that allows you to download, install and start a proper antivirus program, such as Malwarebytes', that you will use to delete all the Zentom virus files.

    Launch and wait for it to stop the virus from running. When it manages to do that, it will automatically close. Please note that Zentom System Guard will try to block RKill, in which case you should ignore the fake alerts and leave them running, while at the same time repeatedly start RKill untill the virus will be by-passed forcing it to close. If you notice that RKill struggles to finish its task, you can try to use eXplorer.exe or iExplore.exe applications, as one of this two will surely close Zentom and you will be able to continue with the rest of the virus removal process. After the malicious processes have been stopped from running go directly to the next step and do now restart the PC, because such action will re-enable the virus.

    Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from here. MBAM is one of the best virus removals and after the download is complete you need to close all the running programs and screens. Place its setup installer on the infected PC desktop.

    Install Malwarebytes' without changing its default installation settings, simply hit the Next button until you reach the final installation screen. Here you need to select both, Update Malwarebytes and Launch Malwarebytes' options. Click Finish.

    Now, Malwarbytes will start and it will automatically update, when this action is complete you have to click OK and move to the next step.

    The Scanner menu should be displayed and you have to select 'Perform Full Scan' option and when you're done and ready click on the 'SCAN' button, which will start the search for all the Zentom System Guard virus files throughout the entire hard drive. Please note that the scanning process takes a while before completion and you should periodically check back to the scanning screen to see if the process works correctly.

    When the scan has been completed, you will be notified via a dialog menu. Click OK.

    Now, MBAM loads the Scanner menu once again only that this time you have to click the 'Show Results' button.

    The scanning results screen contains all the virus file found and in order to delete them, you need to select all the infections for removal and when you're done simply click the 'Remove Selected' button and MBAM will begin to delete all the Zentom System Guard virus files. During the removal process, Malwarebytes' might ask you to restart the PC, but you can optionally choose not to restart the computer and MBAM will continue to remove the rest of the Zentom malicious files.

    When MBAM manages to delete all infections, you will see a scanning log file opened in Notepad. Look through all that info and when you're done close Notepad.

    Close Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to successfully delete and remove the Zentom System Guard virus. If you still have questions about the virus removal guide, please use our comments field to post them and I will gladly help you.

If you wish to know for sure that the virus has been removed, simply restart the PC and when Windows resumes desktop use MBAM to scan the computer once again. In case the malware wasn't removed use MBAM to delete it or you can choose to repeat all the steps in Safe Mode with Networking and this will surely do the trick and all the malware files will be removed.

For your computer to remain safe and secure against other malware attacks and threats you need to purchased and install a powerful antivirus program. Alternatively you can opt to upgrade the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware program to its PRO edition and it will successfully protect your PC against any type of virus software. I hope that you found this guide helpful and that from now on you will return to Geeksailor to seek help in removing virus infections.

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