How To Format Apple’s MacBook Hard Drive


How To Format Apple’s MacBook Hard Drive

Although any Apple user and especially MacBook user would say there is nothing that they would change about their products times are evolving. I am not saying that the MacBook line of laptop computers is a bad one, I am just saying that when it comes to this product people from Apple are upgrading these products on a regular base. But, if you have an old model and for example you decide you want a new MacBook what do you do with the old one. Well you can sell it of course but that would mean 1st you will need to erase any personal information of the hard drive. And to be sure all is gone I would advise a format instead of staying and deleting numerous files because it’s much easier and at the same time you are sure everything get’s deleted.

For the formatting part I recommend using the Disk Utilities feature in Mac OS X. This is by far the best solution because it’s easy to use and at the same time is guaranteed by Apple. Here are the steps you need to follow with this procedure:

  1. Insert the Mac OS X installation disc in order to start the process. Now simply restart your device.

  2. After the startup sound plays you press the “C” key on your keyboard. You need to press is and hold it until the Installer screen appears.

  3. Click on the “Installer” and after that just select the “Open Disk Utilities” option. Now select your hard drive and then press the “Erase” tab.

  4. There will be a list on the Volume Format menu. From there just select a volume and then go and click on “Security Options”.

  5. There should be a check box next to “7-Pass Erase”, “Zero Out Data” or “35-Pass Erase”. Let’s explain what all these features do: the 7-Pass Erase is an option that will write data over the hard drive for 7 times. When it comes to Zero Out Data option this is something that will write zero over all the MacBook’s hard drive. The 35-Pass Erase is similar to 7-Pass Erase, the only difference is that this writes over the hard drive for 35 times. All of them are good so I will let every user to chose the one that he thinks benefits his needs.

  6. Now press the “OK” button and then there should be an “Erase” option you click on. When it comes to the waiting period this depends mostly on the option you selected. If you chosen the 35-Pass Erase option you should know this will take 35 times more than the Zero Out Data option. Also if you chose the 7-Pass Erase option, this means you will have to wait 7 times the period you wait for the Zero Out Data option in order for the format to complete.

And that is about all. This will increase your security and privacy and will make you to be 100% nobody else gets inside in your private stuff after selling your device.

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