How To Solve Cyberpower USB Port Hubs Issues


How To Solve Cyberpower USB Port Hubs Issues

When you are using a computer and you want to transfer some information there is one port that does it all. I am speaking about the USB port that has become a transfer “window” between any device and computer. Known as Universal Serial Bus this is one plug in socket that allows users to connect different peripheral devices ranging from stuff like external hard drives to smartphones and all other things. But if you own to many devices you have probably encountered the issue of having too few USB sockets available to you. To add to this problem some USB sockets are even place in a hard to reach place like the rear panel.

To help all of you who encounter these problems, there is a solution from Cyberpower that offers multiple USB port hubs for an easier access. But with this solution also comes a little problem that is requiring some simple troubleshooting techniques in order to fix.

1st I think it’s a good idea to talk about some USB port hub features that this thing offers to you. When it comes to a normal Cyberpower port hub, you have at your disposal four USB socket ports. There is an external cable with an USB plug that goes into the computer’s USB port. I would advise you to place this in one of those hard to reach ports allowing so to have this available and also the easy to access ones at the same time. What this Cyberpower “thingy” does is that it multiplies the amount of open USB sockets for more peripheral device attachments. Also to make things better there is even an AC (alternating current) socket connection that enables to attach an AC cord.

The main issue you could encounter when using this hub port is that no more than one device will be recognize at one time. Also there could be times when no more than one device will work when multiple peripherals are connected to the hub port. In most cases you can blame static electricity. The solution is simple: disconnect the hub from the computer and wait for around 5 seconds. After that just plug in all the devices and the problem should be solved by now and the device will work perfectly.

There could also be some power issues because each of the peripheral device connected will have a different power need. Let’s take for example a high-powered external hard drive: this is one device that needs more power in comparison to other devices like a simple USB flash. This is the reason why using such a device with the Cyberpower hub port could cause some issues. This is the reason why people suggest using that AC cord connection at all times. By having this, you offer and extra boost from that wall outlet when it comes to handling power hunger devices. In fact you should now from the start that the USB port hub is made to handle only the low consumption devices that you normally plug inside a computer.

The last issue some of you could encounter is trying to connect this device to an old computer. This will raise of course some compatibility issues. 1st of all verify that your computer has an USB port. If not, you should consult your local technician and ask if your computer can have some USB ports. But if this happens I have only one advice to be honest: buy a new computer because if there aren’t any USB ports in you’re, you can’t really use any modern device and applications out on the market.

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