How To Record Skype Calls On iPad using QuickVoice


How To Record Skype Calls On iPad using QuickVoice

Skype has been released for iPad and from now it means that you can call and start video conferences with your friends, family and business partners right from the Apple device. The Skype App is available from the AppStore and it comes equipped with all of its incredible features but most users were left thinking if they can record the calls forwarded and received. Skype does not contain a recording utility that could be used on iOS devices, but you should not worry, as in this post you will find the exact instructions on how to record calls on your iPad.

Windows PC version of Skype features the recording tool and it is great but if you’re an iPad user, then you should know that in order to record Skype calls then you will have to be somewhat creative. You will have to browse the AppStore for an application whose features are allowing users to record sound and calls made with applications. A program that you could try, is the QuickVoice Recorder app from the Apple’s App Store. Follow the steps listed in the guide below and you will learn how to successfully record Skype calls on your iPad device.

  1. Download QuickVoice Recorder from here.

  2. Install it on your iPad.

  3. Start the Skype app and try and call someone.

  4. Now, launch QuickVoice and hit the record button. If you wish, you can first configure QuickVoice to start the recording before you click the Call button on your Skype app.

This is the easiest way to record Skype calls for your iPad, because for the time being, Skype for iPad won’t feature call recordings. Please note that the recording won’t work if you have the headphones plugged in the iPad, because the recording is done using the microphone and the built-in speakers to record all sounds. After you have managed to record your call, you need to connect the iPad to your computer and transfer the audio files. For the time being this is the easiest method and you simply need to wait until there will be another call recording feature added to Skype. As you might already know, Skype for iPad is free of charge from the Apple’s iOS AppStore and it comes with support for making video calls via Wi-Fi. Skype is one of the worlds most popular and arguably the best VoIP application and it has been recently been purchased by Microsoft for a mere $8.5 billions. I hope that the above instructions have helped you learn how to record Skype calls on your iPad and you should check back to our website to see if there was any development made by Skype to implement a tool that could allow you to record calls right from the application’s interface.

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