Download Lauchpad-Control App And Learn How To Hide Applications in Mac OS X Lion Launchpad


Download Lauchpad-Control App And Learn How To Hide Applications in Mac OS X Lion Launchpad

The Launchpad feature is a new addition applied on the OS X Lion computers by Apple and, this particular new view allows you to check and launch all the applications you have installed on your PC. For more experienced Mac user, who were used to the previous way of launching the installed programs, the Launchpad might get overcrowded and when you have installed tons of programs and apps the task of finding the one application you wish to open, might prove to be a struggle and that’s why in this post you will find the exact instructions on how to download and install the Launchpad-Control tool and learn how to hide the programs you do not wish to view in the Mac OS X Lion Launchpad.

Launchpad-Control, is a small utility that allows you to change the apps shown by the Launchpad and so you can add or hide only your favorite applications. Since the Mac OS X Lion has been released every user complained about the multitude of applications displayed by the Launchpad and now some Mac Apps developers decided that it was time for a small tweak to be added to the Launchpad so that you will be allowed to hide and view only the applications you use in Mac OS X Lion. Launchpad is a feature exclusively developed to be used with the OS X Lion, since that this is the first version of Mac OS with support for it.

Here’s how to download, install LaunchPad-Control and how to successfully configure it to edit the applications shown by the Mac OS X Lion Launchpad:

  1. Download Launchpad-Control application from here.

  2. Run the application and ‘System Preferences’ will ask you if you wish to install it for all users, select whatever option suits you best.

  3. Click OK and then you should in the ‘Other’ menu which now contains the ‘Launchpad’ application icon. Open it.

  4. Now you should see the applications are all configured to be displayed by default and in order to remove and hide the ones you don’t want to be shown in the Launchpad, simply deselect their respective boxes.

  5. Click Apply.

Also, you have the possibility to hide folders, but keep in mind that all the files and apps contained within will become unavailable and you won’t be able to launch them anymore. As I’ve told you already this small app, Launchpad-Control, is available only for Mac OS X and in case you want to launch a hidden app, then you should open the Applications folder or from Spotlight. This app is great and it is very useful for users that wish to easily browse and make perfect use of the really necessary installed apps.

If you wish to uninstall and get rid of the Launchpad-Control application, simply right-click it from the System Preferences menu and then click Remove Launchpad from the preference pane. Before uninstalling the Launchpad-Control App you need to restore the default settings and applications of the Mac OS X Lion Launchpad, because, if you do not restore the apps to Launchpad means that the applications hidden will remain in this state after the uninstall process.

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