How To Install WhatsPad On iPad And iPad 2


How To Install WhatsPad On iPad And iPad 2

WhatsPad is an edited version of the WhatsApp IM application and it has been changed to work with the iPad and iPad 2, as the original WhatsApp IM can be used exclusively on iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The WhatsPad utility has been added as a tweak to WhatsApp and the one who made this possible is Lee, an iOS developer. The iPad devices are unable to run the basic iPhone and iPod Touch IM utility because of a small limitation that’s present in the program and now you can learn how to configure and change some files within its settings and use it on your iPad or iPad 2 by reading the instructions and following the steps listed in the step-by-step guide listed below.

This small application will enable you the possibility to chat with all your friends and because it is a cross-platform IM utility you can add and chat with your friends on Blackberry, iOS, Android and Symbian devices. WhatsApp has been created by the WhatsApp Inc and its main purpose is to offer users easier access to chat with their friends via instant messages. The creators are Jan Koum and Brian Acton, beforehand they have worked for Yahoo.

The WhatsPad can be easily installed on your iPad and iPad 2 and it will work for both Wifi and 3G+ devices, only that you need for them to be jailbroken. Until Apple approves the enhancement done to WhatsApp, jailbreaking your device is a must as it cannot work on an un-jailbroken iPad or iPad 2. If you wish to learn how to do it just follow this link, where you will learn how to jailbreak and apply the changes to your iPad with the RedSn0w utility.

Before we get to the first step of this guide, you need to know that the WhatsApp works only on iPhone and you can’t use directly with the iPad, you will have to get the WhatsApp for iPhone on your PC or Mac. Follow carefully the instructions listed below and you will be able to successfully apply the installation of WhatsPad ( WhatsApp for iPad and iPad2) for your device. Remember that you need to use a jailbroken iPad.

  1.  First thing that we need to download is the iPhone Config tool. Windows download link / Mac download link.

  2. Now connect your iPad to your Mac or Windows PC.

  3. Get the WhatsApp for iPhone application with iTunes. Download link.

  4. Start the iPone Configuration Utility and select your iPad device.

  5. Click the Applications tab.

  6. Now click the ‘Add’ button and then select the ‘WhatsApp IPA’ file that you previously downloaded.

  7. Press the Install button and then the WhatsApp shortcut will be added to your iPad’s homescreen.

  8. Launch Cydia on your Ipad and install the WhatsPad tool from BigBoss.

The WhatsPad tweak works for all the iPad versions. After the installation has been completed you need to start the WhatsApp from your iPad’s springboard. This is all that you had to do to successfully install the WhatsPad (WhatsApp for iPad/iPad 2) IM application on your device. Please note that this small utility will require you to use a PIN code to activate it, which will be sent via SMS text message and this means that you will have to use a real phone number.

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