How To Solve “Log In / Log Off” Facebook Chat Issue


How To Solve “Log In / Log Off” Facebook Chat Issue

Facebook is such a great tool especially because it can be used in so many ways. You are able to post photos, set a status and since some time now even communicate in real-time with your friends. But speaking about the last feature, that of communicating among each other there are some bugs that some people have encountered. These can vary from technical problems to some nasty bugs that you need to know about and how to solve. I remember that for once it had happen to me to be bounced offline with no reason. Here are the most common things that can happen to every Facebook users and the solutions I found for them:

1st we are going to discuss about the chat status. Pretty sure you all Facebook maniacs already know there are three status states you can have: online, offline and idle. In the online state, the user is able to see other online friends and is also able to start conversations with them. Also, I think it is obvious that the other users can contact you at any point. The offline status makes you unavailable to chat and also doesn’t let you see what people are online and there is no chat option. Now on the other hand speaking about the idle status, you are online and visible for other users but at the same time you send them the message that you are away from Facebook doing some other things (like that is an option for some people).

Remaining in the status section if the chat is working perfectly the online and offline status changes only when you are login in and out of your Facebook account. If you desire to go online simply press the gray “Chat” icon in the lower right corner of any Facebook screen. On the other hand if you desire to go offline simply go to the “Options” tab that you can find at the top corner of your chat and from there select the “Go Offline” option. Speaking about the idle status this happens automatically from Facebook when you have more than 10 minutes with no activity on Facebook.

When it comes to chat problems people from Facebook have managed to implement a script that keeps track of known bugs and problems on the site. The most common problem is that of people going on and off numerous times. You can imagine how frustrating this can turn out to be when you are in the middle of the conversation with another friend. The best part of this all is that even if one of the persons having the chat goes offline you are still able to send or receive the message. Although is not a groundbreaking thing, I do consider this to help a lot with this issue and also with some more.

If you are experiencing a bug that “bugs” you a lot, doo be sure to let people from Facebook know about it so they can start working and at the same time fixing the problem. In the “Account” link that can be found in the upper right corner of the screen there is the “Help Center” option. There you will find the “Report a bug” link and choose “Chat” from the “Facebook Features” section. There is even an option where you can report a specific but like “My friend keeps going online and offline while we’re chatting” (that just proves how common this issue can prove to be).

If you encounter any other problems regarding Facebook chatting and especially you are very annoyed by people going on and off in your chat be sure to let us know. We are always looking for new solution into helping people to have a better experience on Facebook.

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