How To Get Multiple Docks In Apple Mac OS X With Dock-It


How To Get Multiple Docks In Apple Mac OS X With Dock-It

Every person that uses Mac OS X is enjoying the system as its full potential. And although there are many things you could use I think the most enjoyable of them all are the major user-facing elements is the Dock. This is in fact a nice home for your most used applications and at the same time letting the user see what applications are running at any time. I can compare this to be Windows’ Start Menu full of a big quantity of steroids.

But how can we enhance this feature offered by Apple? The answer is simple: Dock-It, an application that offers its user customizations and tweaks and by far the best one is the option to have at one time more than one dock.

The developers have described their application as a multifunctional dock and Finder option that will improve what the Apple OS already has. And we consider the time has come for you, dear reader to try it and at the same time have here the information regarding the options you have. 1st of all the simplicity of the application. At the same time the result is complex and offers all the information you will ever need when it comes to docks.

Here is a short list of the things offered by this app:

-          You have more than just a simple one dock

-          In the docks provided the user is able to hold things like: folders, files, scripts and much more…

-          All this can be introduce with a simple drag and drop feature that doesn’t require to much headache.

-          You can even copy and paste different links in the dock and   everything will run smoothly.

-          It offers the possibility to have your own drivers in the dock eliminating the time you spend moving windows to see your hard drives.

-          In fact I can assure you there will not be any need to open any window, all the navigation is done from the dock itself.

-          Utilities like “Get Info” work perfectly in this dock and at the same time you are not lock at only one.

-          There is even the option of Multiple Monitor aware.

-          For those of you who likes customizing things this app offers this feature, offering a nice customization when it comes to colors and transparency.

-          And also finally is the fact that this is built in Applets.

We think that Dock-It is in fact an enhancement of Apple’s tools and offers some of the features missing from the OS when it comes to Dock section.  Now let’s see how we can run this app!

When it comes to Apple and their OS I can assure you that after installing one app you know how to install them all. 1st of all download Dock-It and then the installation is very simple to handle.

Regarding the addition and removing of docks here are the things you need to know. At the 1st run notice the app opens its 1st Dock on the right hand side of the screen and has already install some of the default icons. Like for example on the 1st icon if you click, you will probably notice that a preference menu appears. In this menu you will find all the required things when it comes to settings and features of the application.

Notice that on the left panel there is a list of your docks with the default one being the only one listed at this point. There are two “+” and “-” buttons that do some obvious things.

The application supports at the same time two docks on-screen. Also, the standard OS X dock that raises the number of docks on-screen to three. I think you have enough “storage space” to have all your icons that require fast access.

Now let’s talk a little about the configuration of Docks and how to add Applets. After you install all the apps you normally use there will be much customization you can do. There are things like icon size, dock images and some general appearance settings that are editable. Also the usual things like auto-hide tick-box are present to have a cleaner screen. When it comes to adding drivers, you can manage this option with the blue icon. This is the place where most Applets are found.

There are a multitude of favors with which you can use Applets. Like for example one offers a ‘shelf’ for adding files to. This is just perfect for the time when you need to move a host of files from different locations to one new one. This eliminates the time you spend to open umpteen new windows.

Some applets will offer things like a clipboard-type function for images and text and at the same time there are ones that will allow its user to send items straight into an email for sharing.

After downloading the application you get like 14 day trial which is enough for you to try to see the main features of the app. And if you look at the price that is only $10 I think you see what I am speaking about when I say this is a must have feature for OS. You are required to have Mac OS X Snow Leopard (a separate release is also available for older versions of Mac OS X) in order to benefit all the nice features.


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