How To Upload Photos and Videos To Numerous Facebook Accounts From Desktop


How To Upload Photos and Videos To Numerous Facebook Accounts From Desktop

This article is going to learn you how to upload videos and pictures to multiple facebook accounts straight from your computer effortlessly. Whenever you want to upload videos and pics to Facebook using drag and drop function or Windows right click contextual menu use a simple, elegant and easy to use app which allows you to do all that. The application is named Upload Rabbit for Facebook and enables you to directly upload pics to a selected album or to a recently created album.

One of the most important Upload Rabbit to Facebook functionality is the one that allows you to switch between multiple Facebook accounts so you can upload videos and photos, having a more simplified and dynamic options than the Bloom. Despite being a Windows application Upload Rabbit has Mac style window look which makes it look more like a Mac app.

Here Is How To Upload Pictures and Video Files To Multiple Facebook Account Using Upload Rabbit for Facebook App

Also the main UI is very intuitive and with it’s very nice Mac look that makes it very appealing you will feel very comfortable using it. To begin select the videos or pictures option for uploading content and click Next to continue with the process of files uploading.

Simply use the Add button to browse for photos and video to upload to your facebook accounts or just drag and drop pics and videos to the main interface, at this point click the next button to continue.

Now, authorizing the Upload Rabbit app from your Facebook account is required, in the end select the album you want to upload video or photo files to, make a new album or select the option to post the pics straight to your Facebook wall. At this point click Next.

Now the process of uploading the photos or videos to your Facebook profile will start. One very useful Upload Rabbit feature is it’s ability to upload photos and videos to your Facebook profile via right-click contextual menu.

Why is Upload Rabbit for Facebook app so useful? With this free app you can easily upload your photos and video to numerous facebook accounts without having to go through the hassle of navigating between accounts. This app flawlessly work with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP. It is very easy to use, and allows you to upload video files and pics without any hassle whatsoever.

Here you can download Upload Rabbit for Facebook, to access the download page click on to this link.

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