How To Install Windows 8 Theme Menu On Windows 7


How To Install Windows 8 Theme Menu On Windows 7

A lot of features from the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 were revealed in the recently held Microsoft Digital 9 conference, among all the features the classic Windows Start menu is replaced with Windows 8 Side menu and is to be one of the most important change also other features like the User Interface improvements, it allows you to access Search, Connect, Share and lots of other features by bringing a tile at the right side of the screen.

Although this freshly designed Start Menu is not specially made for computers running Windows 8, but for tablets instead, it is going to easily work on PCs using Windows 8 as well, offering direct access to the most frequently used web pages, applications and in the same time improves and renews the entire system search. If you can’t wait using the latest Windows 8 start search on your Windows 7 PC use the Windows8Menu which is a Windows 7 app capable of imitating similar functionality and design of Windows 8 Start Menu.

How it works ?

Be advised that you may find some functionality and UI bugs as this app is in pre-alpha stage, also is uses a lot of images as background screens for easy replacement. Users may replace user.bmp with your own profile picture in the pics folder, so open the package and the pics folder so you can replace the wallpapers with your images.

All that remains now is to run the Win8Menu file with admin privileges, after you have replaced the images and get a preview with your Windows 8 tablet user interface. The UI is very intuitive allowing you to swipe windows around and reach for different features. Move the mouse extreme right side to display the Windows start tile and access Start menu. At this moment the Search, connect and settings are not yet implemented. To access fast web links and applications in full-screen mode swipe the screen in upward direction, allowing you to find your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google. BBC, or CNN and so on. At top-right corner of the screen you will see the profile picture of the Google search bar to help you swiftly start web searches.

You may opt to see the video located below displaying all the Windows8Menu features and short usage demo. Access your desktop by pressing Esc or Alt + F4, also at the right side of the screen is the Start button, use it to access the main Windows 8 start.

Download Windows8Menu here. Access the download page at this link. Have Fun!

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