How To Monitor Google Analytics Accounts On Android Smartphones


How To Monitor Google Analytics Accounts On Android Smartphones

In this article you are going to learn how to monitor the Google Analytics data using your Android smartphone. This android simple analytics widget is a great looking home screen widget that is able to show traffic analytics for any predefined Google Analytics profile user. From now on you you’ll be able to check your traffic source directly on your Android device always keeping you informed even if you are on the road. This widget can be configured in just few simple steps.

This simple analytics widget for android has been developed by XDA-Developers member RorolePro, when is added to the home screen allows you to select a Google account registered with your device and in the next screen offers you the chance to specify the analytics profile and the tracked information like unique visitor per day or visits per day. Properly install your Google Analytics on your website so that the simple analytics widget can gather any useful data.

To refresh the data displayed by the widget you have to tap it, also this Android analytics widget displays the website’s traffic trend which comes especially useful for those of you who own multiple websites and need to keep a close eye on your traffic source such as unique visitors or pageviews per day. Keep track of the affiliated website’s traffic directly from your home screen. This widget comes pretty handy because it offers the possibility to frequently check your website’s traffic status.

Download the widget from the Android Market place absolutely free, so all you have to do in this case is to click on to the download button below. Or you can use the QR code as well. This Android analytics widget was specially designed to offer you visibility and the opportunity to see and check your traffic source for you website or for multiple websites at once.

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