How To Tether The BlackBerry PlayBook To A Phone


How To Tether The BlackBerry PlayBook To A Phone

At the beginnings of the PlayBook, RIM wasn’t prepared for any 3G / 4G connectivity, so if you wanted to go online, and you were outside a Wi-Fi field, tethering was the only solution. There are many ways to do that: you can tether the BlackBerry PlayBook to a regular phone, to a smartphone, a laptop, your computer and even to another tablet. Although the last one spoils all the fun, we will show you today how to pair the RIM device to a phone, and use its Data plan to surf the web.

Tethering allows you to use the internet connection you have on a 3G / 4G capable device, on another terminal. This can be useful when you are on the road an you still have work to do, watch movies, or simply if you want to read an E-Book, on a larger screen.

Tethering the BlackBerry PlayBook to a phone does not have many requirements. You are going to need a PlayBook, any type of phone ( they can even be non-BlackBerry, the iPhone is the best example ) and an associated wireless connection data plan. No 3rd party applications are needed, because everything is done from the PlayBook settings menu. Now let’s show you how to do it.

How to tether the PlayBook to a phone
  1. On the PlayBook, go to settings ( the upper-right corner icon ).

  2. Enable Bluetooth and search for new devices.

  3. Choose the desired device and tap on its name, to pair with it.

  4. Now tap on “Internet Tethering”.

  5. Once again, select the smartphone’s name.

  6. Now select the tethering network from your BlackBerry list and tap to connect.

  7. The service fees will be presented, tap on “Continue” and that’s it.

  8. PlayBook and a phone

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