How To Unlock AT&T Pantech Crossover


How To Unlock AT&T Pantech Crossover

If you are the owner of a brand new Pantech Crossover then you are in the right place because we will explain in the following guide how you can unlock your device. This means with other words you will be able to use the device from AT&T Network in any other GSM network with a simple remote unlock code.

As you already know AT&T has released Pantech’s Smartphone for a while now, a device that works on the Android platform. The great thing about the device is the slide-out keyboard for easy messaging making SMS communication a joy to have. Also other features are a 3 Megapixel camera with camcorder, GPS support, a 3.1-inch touchscreen display and a microSD card slot.

Well, with the help of people at you can unlock the Crossover Android you got from AT&T. If you just received the nasty message of “Sim network unlock PIN” the time has come to change that. The great thing about all this story is that you will have your device unlocked even after you will make any firmware upgrade.

You can get the unlock code by clicking HERE. By accessing the link you will cut all the “Network locked”, “enter network pin” or “network code” or “no SIM card allowed” messages you receive when your phone stucks in one network.

The code is sent over your email address together with the unlocking instructions you need to follow step by step. All you need to give is your IMEI number, a number that can be found if you press the *#06# keys on your device as if you are making phone call. Notice this number is 15-17 digits long.

If you got your email and at the same time managed to follow all the instruction offered there here are the few steps you need to follow and get your unlock device.

  1. Introduce in the handset a simple non accepted SIM card.

  2. Now the phone will display and requires you to “Sim network unlock PIN”

  3. Introduce the unlock code you received via email.

  4. Notice that the phone is from now on unlocked.

Once you receive your Unlock Code from us by email, simply follow the instructions below and your phone will be free to use on any GSM network.

And if this isn’t enough I am thinking to point a few things that you will find very useful when having an unlocked device. The most important thing is the fact that warranty is not voided. Also by having an unlock device its value will increase because it will be available to work in different carriers. Switching between different SIM cards will be very easy because you will do it on the same device.

Also I find it very nice being able to unlock my device from the comfort of my house and this especially with no technical experience necessary. There will be no need for any software or in fact any cables, all being done with a simple unlock code received on your email. Although there are some rumors on the web I can assure you there will be no damage on your Pantech Crossover if you decide to unlock it, an unlock state that will last even after different firmware upgrades happened. If by any chance you won’t be able to unlock your device with the use of the code they emailed to you there is a 100% refund. And also consider what good would be if you are traveling and there is no need to buy a local SIM card and so avoiding the roaming fees.

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