How To Get Your BlackBerry MEP Unlock Code


How To Get Your BlackBerry MEP Unlock Code

There are so many things you can do to your device. Like for example if you own a BlackBerry you can always root the device. This can be done numerous ways and the most common is through a code that you can purchase from different sites. But what can you do if the required code is not working for your device.

Then I will suggest sending the place you got the code the MEP. Well that’s easier to be said than done. They will argue that this number can be known if they know the network but I can assure you that one network could have multiple MEPs. So here is a small tutorial that will help you find your MEP on your BlackBerry device.

1st you will have to go and access the “Help Me” menu. This can be done by pressing the ALT CAPS and H keys. Notice they have to be pressed together. If you have the Pearl or in fact any other Super-type devices you need to press and hold the ALT key (Bottom left) and type E A C E. If you have a Storm model the situation is a little different. You have to press and hold the BACK arrow and then tap on the screen the next areas: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT.

Now that you finished the 1st step here is what you need to do next. You will need to find the next pieces of information. Take notice these are not the MEP but instead will help you discover it. Find the Blackberry device PIN that will have the form of “cc414bfc” for example. Now find the App Version, a number that will be under the form of “ (233)”. And the last but not least is the uptime, another number that will be under the form of “908208”.

After obtaining all this information, be sure to introduce it at the website in order to get the key code. The key code must be used exactly the same way it is offered even with spaces. Get the key code link HERE.

After getting the code you need to type it in your BlackBerry from the help menu that I’ve explained earlier. The thing you need to remember is to press the ALT button for the numbers. For example if Key is 1A2B, need to press ALT+1, A, ALT+2, B. If nothing happens there is the need to go back and after that reinput the Uptime and App Version that you see in the Help Me menu.

Be sure to open the ‘OS Engineering Screens‘ and from there go to “device information”. After scrolling down you will find the MEP code. It will look something like MEP-XX-XXXX. Send the site I have given you earlier the code and they will explain the rest.

As you probably seen getting the code is not hard. All you need is a little knowledge and some right steps that need to be followed.

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