How to install DEB files using SSH on the iPhone


How to install DEB files using SSH on the iPhone

Sometimes, Cydia is not the best way to install jailbroken apps. As you all know, installing and updating Cydia packages can be frustrating, because the portal can may crash, fail to load apps and other problems. Also, doing it manually proves to be faster and, when it comes to similar applications, let’s say iPhone themes, you can move all the required items at once. With Cydia, that job could only be done in a couple of minutes, while installing .deb files using SSH takes a matter of seconds.

Also, some “forbidden” application cannot be found in Cydia. Developers simply post a downloadable link towards a .deb file, and you have to work your way from there.

As for the requirements, all you need is a computer ( using MAC OS X, Windows or Linux ), the usual iDevice ( the iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and of course, the iPad / 2 ), an USB cable and that’s kind of it. You will also need a way to SSH into the device, so only those familiar with programs like Cyberduck or iPhone Explorer may continue.

For a simple explanation of the method, we are going to install the .deb file, using SSH, by broking into your iPhone storage, using an SFTP client. With this, we can see the iDevice just like a regular hard disk. Then, we are going to manually move the .deb file into a designated folder and then let Apple do it’s magic. In a few words, that’s kind of it. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

How to install .deb files with SSH on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  1. Connect the iDevice to your computer using the USB cord.

  2. Start Cyberduck / iPhone Explorer and login.

  3. On the iDevice, go to /var/root/Media/ and enter into the Cydia folder. If you do not have it, create it yourself.

  4. Within the Cydia folder, open AutoInstall. If you don’t have this folder either, create it.

  5. Place any .deb files inside the AutoInstall folder.

  6. Restart the iDevice, twice, and the desired app should appear on the Springboard.

    SSH and FTP

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