How To Make Windows Screenshots And Upload Them On Personal Site/Blog


How To Make Windows Screenshots And Upload Them On Personal Site/Blog

There are so many things you need to do if you are an online writer. One of those things, a habit that you do probably on a daily base is taking some screenshots. And when it comes to screenshots this happens to all kind of people, regardless of the activity you do on the internet. And that happens because there is a say that one picture is worth a hundred words.

It doesn’t matter if you need create a web-based manual for work and need pictures to show things or that if you are a teacher that needs to create a how to tutorial for students to understand things at home. Taking screenshots is a need for everyone regardless of their internet activity. Here at Softsailor, we are ready to show you different methods of taking screenshots and letting it all happen with ease and fastness.

Of all the tools available for you on the web we have chosen one that I consider will manage all your needs. There will be things available that will differ,  like taking the image screenshot, drawing a rectangular shape on your screen and at some point if you are an upload maniac, upload that picture automatically to your website or blog. This all will happen in an easy step eliminating all those things you needed to do before now, useless. I am speaking about the UpScreen tool.

1st of all let’s see how you can set up the app through a quick guide. From the start you will notice that this app is just an executable file. Basically, all you need to do is download it and place it in the desired place from where you want to launch it. Also there will be the need to set up the place where you will need to set up the place where you wish to upload the screenshot via FTP method.

To put it another way, all you need to do is replace the good, old “www” with “ftp”. If you did this in the preview window, everything will work correctly. Also you will need to list your server under the 21 number, this making the server knowing how to get access to your account. Also, you will need to create a special account , a FTP one only for this purpose. I have created an account and assigned it to the “auto” folder. You can find it in the wp-content/uploads/ area of my blog.

One thing you must know from the start. If, by any change, you assign the FTP account to a subdirectory structure inside the “public_html” directory, there will be the opportunity in the next step to say to the program where that directory is. Also, be very careful when typing, because a typo will make the preview feature of the program not work.

Now simply run the application. You will probably notice at start a crosshairs on the screen. You will draw a rectangular shape, having the possibility to underline the  area that you want to take a shot of, letting the application to take the shot and uploaded for you. But what happens if you want a full screenshot? For that need, you will have to right-click on-screen and see the menu that appears. This is also useful for when you need to check or change some FTP settings.

When it comes to FTP settings, the Options area is where you want to go. Also, the option to alter the screenshot image you have taken seem, but this method takes a long time to do. Every screenshot will come with a random five char name. If you are a screenshot maniac and feel this five char limit is not enough for you, there is the option to have more. To make a screenshot, you will need to draw a simple rectangle shape. You will probably notice the gray box that appears, representing the area you will capture.

Actually, the moment when you release the mouse button, is the moment when the screenshot is done. Here are the steps the application makes in order for things to run perfect. 1st of all the app takes the screen when you release the mouse button. 2nd, immediately after taking the screen, the app will connect to your FTP host account and uploads the file. And in fact that is all. All those steps you have done until now, when it comes to taking and uploading screenshots are completely eliminated with the usage of UpScreen.

One disadvantage I have found to this app is the need where you have to launch an executable every time you wish to take a screenshot. Here is where I found another thing very useful to have around in your personal computer. I am speaking about the WinHotKey app, an application that will let you assign different hot keys to different applications, making their launch easy and quick. For example, when it comes to using UpScreen, I like to put the Control-U shortcut for it. After that, by pressing Ctrl+U anytime, you will see our app appear and ready to serve your needs.

There are also some other things you need to know about this app. For example, if you wish a full desktop screenshot, all you need to do is right-click and from there select the “Full Screen” option. After that, simply double-click on the desktop anywhere and it’s all done. In about 5 seconds you will take the picture and at the same time uploaded to the desired place.

Also, another quick and easy method to take a quick snapshot of a single window is double clicking on the title bar of that window. As you already probably guessed, the app will capture that window, upload and offer a nice display in the form of a preview to see what you have uploaded.

In fact I have found this application is a must have for everyone who is doing a lot of screenshots. But, I have found that this is very worth if you are a person that is creating a lot of “how to” tutorials and the screen examples are a must have. I mean, you realize that with a simple screen you will explain what you had to write in many words and sentences. So you will have a lesser article writing time and have time for some other stuff to do.

I strongly recommend giving this app a shot and see how it work for your needs. Also be sure to let us know what did you love about it and what features you feel like improving. All these things may be done in the comment section below the article.

Give UpScreen a shot and see if you find it as convenient as I do. What do you like about it and what would you change? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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