How To Create Cinemagraphs Using Adobe Photoshop CS5


How To Create Cinemagraphs Using Adobe Photoshop CS5

For some time now I have seen all kind of cinema graphs on the internet by different people. For those who don’t know about them, these are a more sophisticated form of animated GIFs. I would even put these creations somewhere between a still image and a moving video.

In fact we are talking here about the same GIF image format. The only difference between this and a normal photo is that in this “masterpiece” only a part of the photo is moving. The rest is still. I will give for example the image we have above. In this case only the girl’s hair is moving with some frames made to repeat every few seconds. So we have here a moving video and at the same time a static picture.

I have found when searching over the web a nice extensive and captivating collection of cinemagraphs that belong to Jamie Beck. I would recommend visiting Tumblr and see what the artist has created in collaboration with designer Kevin Burg. But enough about seeing this nice creations! I think the time to teach you how to make them has come.

You can do this with one of the most must have programs for every graphic creator. I am talking of course about the Adobe package and in particular about Photoshop. Creating an animated GIF is very easy with this program and the same applies to Cinemagraph. They aren’t hard to make if you know the right tools, how and when to use them and of course a bit of talent.

This will be explained in the next video. The person who is talking is a Photoshop guru Russell Preston Brown. He will explain in this tutorial his technique to create such artistic things with the use of using the extended version of Adobe Photoshop CS5. If you don’t have it don’t worry because you can have a nice 30-day trial of Photoshop from here.

Much else is not to be said. I will add that I found these to be one of the most amazing things when it comes to Photoshop. In fact I find that Photoshop is the most amazing tool you can use and with the correct knowledge the imagination is the only barrier you need to pass in order to have great creations.

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