How To Delete Multiple Apps On Apple iPhone


How To Delete Multiple Apps On Apple iPhone

It’s so great to have many things installed on your phone. In fact it is very nice to have installed a lot of things on any device. But let’s take an example for once. Having installed numerous apps on iOS devices it’s a common things but the problem that everyone faces is simple: you install them in the same folder and at one point it becomes very inconvenience to delete the folder. That is obvious because you will also delete all the applications that are located inside.

The help for this problem will come from with a simple tweak from Cydia. This is called Unfolder and what this little thing does is it will allow users to delete any folder (even if they are full or empty). This will be done with a simple tap on the X button that will appear after the installation.

This is one app that will work if you have your Apple iPhone already jailbroken. You just need to head over to Cydia and once there search for the ‘Unfolder’. You can install it with a simple Springboard restart, thing that will make the application work. The one thing that you need to remember is that there will be a new icon present. But even if you don’t notice things you will be probably able to make folder dilatation already. There is even one nice “shake made” for all you moving phone maniacs. The process is very simple in fact. Just tap on the “X” button and from there select the ‘Confirm’ button.

The other great thing we love about this app is the fact it is totally free. And remember, if you want to use this app 1st you will need a jailbreak device from Apple. I find this to be a great tweak especially for those of you who have a big amount of apps installed in their devices and are sick to just pick one app after another and delete them.

The other thing that amazes me is how the iPhone is becoming a more and more part of our lives and how we try to get the best from what started as a phone. Don’t know about you but the time when I was considering iPhone a phone is long gone. Although there are other interesting things that do many of iPhone’s duties (talking about tablets here), I am sure nothing will replace this device. I am wondering what else Apple is cooking for us in the future?

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