How To Use Biometric Facial Recognition Technology For Jailbroken iPhones With RecognizeMe


How To Use Biometric Facial Recognition Technology For Jailbroken iPhones With RecognizeMe

If you are looking for a revolutionary new way to unlock your iDevice, then you should know that recently a new app has been made available in Cydia, which for sure will trigger your interest in the near feature. With the new RecognizeMe app, use the front facing camera on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to capture and match a photo of yourself to get access to your iDevice screen.

Whenever you feel bored with the old way you used to access your iOS device’s screen, download and use the first biometric facial recognition application that is able to work with your native iPhone’s front-facing camera.

How Does RecognizeMe Works

It is all very simple, all you have to do is capture your own photo which will be stored in a database and when you’ll be needing to unlock your iOS device just need to face the front facing camera and take a new photo which will be compared to the one stored for authentication. Please note that this application only works for jailbroken iPhones, iPad’s or other iDevices. There are a lot of interesting reasons to jailbreak your iDevices so you can enjoy such great applications.

In case the authentication doesn’t work regardless of the reasons, you may use the traditional passcode screen to unlock your iDevice. In our opinion the RecognizeMe application embeds a state of the art technology based on a brilliant idea, however do not expect that great things comes free. RecognizeMe is priced at $6.99, so as i have previously stated this application is applicable only for jailbroken iOS devices.

In our opinion this excellent new application is going to create a lot of fuss into the world of handsets apps, the number of users are growing with each day. RecognizeMe app promises to become one of the most popular Cydia applications.

With RecognizeMe 1.0 you can unlock your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad by face recognition. Isn’t that cool?

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