How To Enable Facial Recognition And Iris Scan On Android Smartphones Using BioLock App


How To Enable Facial Recognition And Iris Scan On Android Smartphones Using BioLock App

Do you have an Android device and are afraid that you might lose or someone might stole sensitive information stored on your handset! Because we are always on the run we tend to keep sensitive data and info in our digital companion, these info or confidential data can be subject to theft or you might mistakenly lose them.

The great solution for these problems has been recently released, and is named BioLock application and has a biometric recognition functionality embedded. If you have an Android device and want to keep your sensitive data well protected use this BioLock App.

BioLock App is specially designed to add extra layers of protection to your Android device, so if you would like have extra protection on top of the regular keypad or screen lock mechanism try this biometric recognition app. In time has been proved that the usual pin lock service is not dependable when you are trying to keep your sensitive data completely secure in your Android device.

For extra protection BioLock adds a couple of unique features, one is the facial recognition and the other one is the Iris scan, all combined transforms your Android device into an impregnable fortress. It is not hard to understand as it is self explanatory, the first feature relies on eye authenticate while the other feature uses facial recognition to unlock the phone.

To use those two features of the program you will need an Android device with front facing camera so it can capture your appearance. For the moment we do not know how accurate the process can be as we do not hold those information yet, but the developer claims that the program can distinguish the true nature of an image, and that is able to manage facial changes accurately.

You will able to find BioLock app in the Android Market at the price of $2.99 with a free testing period of 14 days. In our opinion this application has the potential to become one of the most popular Android application ever, as those two main Iris Scan and Facial Recognition features are for the first time implemented in an app specially made for handsets unlocking.

BioLock is excellent for all kinds of Android smartphones, from now on rely on some extra layers of protection to keep your sensitive data well protected inside your Android device. When it comes to keeping an close eye on valuable information any extra caution is important.

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