How To Prevent / Protect Picture Deletion From iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad


How To Prevent / Protect Picture Deletion From iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad

I am sure that there are a lot of people very found on the pictures or photos stored in their iDevice, and as you may know there are a lot of accidents waiting to happen, so why risk loosing them by accident when you can prevent bad things from happening.

Protect your memorable photos from your iOS device and rest assured that these pics can not be accidentally deleted by yourself or your children with a simple tweak from Cyndia, called PhotoProtect. Type it under search and download it after it is found.

How PhotoProtect Works

This free app is able to create an extra layer of protection preventing accidental deletion of photos or pics from the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Because this tweak comes from Cydia it means that users will need to jailbreak their iDevice before using it.

As soon as you have done this install PhotoProtect and by a restart it will make it effective. Be advised that there will not be any new icon being installed on your iDevice, but you will see the changes instantly. From now on when you try deleting a photo by pressing on Delete button, an contextual menu will appear disallowing any accidental or intentional photos deletion.

Whenever you need to resume the deletion function, go to Settings > PhotoProtect and switch the Protect Photos field to OFF allowing you to delete pics like usual. Secure your photos from being deleted by anyone using this free program now.

Keep your dear memories safe from accidents, use this tool to eliminate the possibility of deleting them by accident. PhotoProtect has been specially developed to give you the necessary piece of mind. Free download it and start protecting your memorable photos.

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