How To Log In Gmail And Google Apps On Two Different Tabs


How To Log In Gmail And Google Apps On Two Different Tabs

There are so many things you think about when you pronounce the word Google. Although the 1st idea would be a search engine there are several things that go just as well. Like for example let’s take Gmail and Google Apps. Every person would say that these two are separate things with different purposes. We have used Gmail for some time as our personal email space while Google Apps has been more of a business or company email account. We are sure you all know that Gmail and Google Apps are in fact running two different system architectures and cookies (until a point). That means with other words that you are able to login to Gmail and another email account that you have on Google Apps with two different sessions, or two different tabs if we can say so.

But something changed because at some point people from Google thought that it would be a good idea to merge these two somehow. So they started the migration of all Google Apps to Gmail and Google Account. This allowed all Google Apps users enjoy other nice services like Google Voice, Blogger, Picasa Web Albums and even the ability to log in directly from the Gmail homepage. So there was no need to type the custom Google Apps domain URL in the address bar. This means theoretically you will not be able to access these two services from different tabs.

The binding of these two happens very quickly and all you have to do is to sign in to one account. The process is done entirely automatic. From that point when you will sign in to one account you will also enter the other one automatically. The same thing happens also when you log out.

The fact is that in reality the two accounts you have on the Google Apps and Gmail platforms are not linked together and are in fact separate. What Google did is that they made the two platforms share a common cookie in the browser. The cookies will overwrite each other and mainly this is the reason you will have the impression the two accounts are bound one to another.

The good part is that Google has anticipated the problem that some by Google Apps users will encounter and made a nice Multiple Sign feature. This will allow users to go and use multiple Google accounts on the same browser and even on different tabs. You must know that this feature works for things like: Gmail, Google Code, Google Reader, Google Finance, Google Voice, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Docs and last but not least Google Profiles. To make this thing available you will have to enable it by going to the multiple sign-in option and simply log in with your username and password.

After completing the process all you will have to do is click on your name or email address and from there select the “Sign in to another account” option. The new logged in account will have from the start the new multiple sign-in support enabled. This means from this point one you will be able to sign in to all your Google accounts on the same browser with no fear of being signed out from the others.

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