How To Make Grammar Correct Blog Posts


How To Make Grammar  Correct Blog Posts

English is for some time now the most used language in the world. From business men to simple internet users everybody uses English these days. But what happens when you have to write things in English and although you have the skills do to so you are just too tired and can’t focus.

When that happens different typing mistakes will appear too. Fortunately for people in these situations there are some nice blogging tools like Windows Live Writer. This is a tool that has a built in spell-checker that will prove to be a real help into avoiding embarrassing spelling mistakes that can happen to every one of us. So you will have a clean spelled checked article published on the web in no time.

But apart from that there are also some other problems when it comes to writing in English. There is no normal way to check the sentences for grammatical errors let’s say. Also there are some situations that a word might be spelled correctly but the phrase might involve another way of the spelling. For example the words “loose” and “lose” will be both checked as correct by the spell checker.

There is a solution and it’s called After The Deadline. This is a useful online tool that will be able to check your written text for both spelling and grammar related errors. Although this is primarily offered as a web service there are some extensions offered to things like Chrome, Firefox and WordPress. This will help you to have a nice correctly grammar text and even check the grammar on other websites.

But what happens when you want to write your blog posts in offline mode? Well, Windows Live Writer will help you in this situation, too. All you have to do is use a simple plug-in that will let you check your drafts with After the Deadline’s online service but that’s available from Live Writer itself.

1st you will have to download and install the MSI file that is located on the Downloads page. When you are finished with the ATD installation you will probably notice that there is a “Grammar Checker” option located inside the Live Writer. The next step is very simple: just select one or more sentences from the drafts you have and simply press the checker and wait for the magic to happen.

In the background, here is what happens. The plug-in makes a plain-text request to a service named This happens mainly because of the GET request limitations that don’t let you to send big requests. I mean you won’t be able to correct a 20,000 word text with only one request.  That is why I would recommend using A better choice if you ask me.

So there you have it folks. You will be able to publish correct posts in no time. Now all that you need are ideas. Now where can I find those on the internet…?

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