How To Return To A 4chan Thread


How To Return To A 4chan Thread

4chan is a popular websites with sharing support for images that started with Japanese anime and manga topics, but now it has numerous other main sections that are covering a wide range of contents, with the /b thread being the most accessed part of it. Users can start threads and post images using a username or they can post as Anonymous.

Technically 4chan is being considered as a imageboard place for sharing images that could represent almost anything and in this post you will learn how you can return to a thread that you created or to one that you previously posted into. As you know posting on 4chan isn’t that hard, but after a reply is placed you will be redirected to 4chan’s main board and not to the thread’s page, which means that you need to learn that there is a method that you can use to go back to that thread without the need of browsing again through all 4Chan’s links and menus. In order to return to a 4chan thread you will need to enter a code in the email box after you finish writing your message, but before pressing the post button.

Below are the instructions and the steps that you need to take in order to learn how to get back to a 4Chan thread:

  1. You can use any internet web browser. Open it and go to 4Chan’s web page.

  2. Open a board from the ‘ 4chan boards’ list.

  3. Press ‘Reply’ link on any of the first comments of a live thread.

  4. Enter the name you wish or you can leave that field empty and your post will be submitted as ‘Anonymous’.

  5. In the ‘Email’ box enter the text ‘noko’ and this will change the post submitting operation and it will configure it to re-direct you to the text you have posted. This means that you won’t have to go through all the other page boards.

  6. Enter the verification text and then click on the ‘Submit’ button to post your reply.

These are all the steps and instructions that you need to remember doing whenever you have to post a reply on 4chan and you don’t want to be redirected to the 4chan’s main board page. I hope that you found this post helpful and if you wish to learn some other tips and tricks, then you can use the search box and you will find numerous other helpful ‘how-to’ guides that will help you have better control over your computer, smartphone, gadgets, electronics etc.

In case you don’t manage to apply correctly all the instructions, use the comments box, located below this article, to post your questions and I will gladly help you whit whatever problem your encountering while posting in a 4chan thread.

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