How To Root Your LG Revolution VS910


How To Root Your LG Revolution VS910

The LG Revolution VS910 is a recently released smartphone and it can be bought through Verizon and in this post you will find all the instructions on how to successfully root it. Rooting a device, in our case the LG Revolution VS910 4G LTE, requires some basic knowledge of Android device and how to work your way around it and the tools required to use when rooting an Android device. In case you aren’t an experienced user, then you should be careful if you try to root your device, as there numerous instructions to follow and files to be used in for the LG Revolution VS910 rooting process to go smoothly. As you know this device comes with the Bing services and all, and by rooting it you will be able to use Google and other software that are much better.

Rooting your device will grant you with access to all the smartphone’s system files and you will be download and install numerous other 3rd party applications to be launched directly on it. The LG Revolution VS 910 when rooted it will feature support for 4G mobile hotspot and HDMI output and for smart file sharing. Also, by rooting your device you will ensure that the updates for Netflix will be successfully completes without the bugs that were preventing you to upgrade Netflix with the default LG Revolution VS9100 OS software. However, if you decide to root your device, the warranty will be lost but at any time you can un-root it and the warranty clauses will be re-enabled. Also, rooting the device should be done on your own responsibility, as you will gain full access to system’s files and these can be edited in any way you want. Now that you know all these let’s start to prepare your LG Revolution VS910 smartphone for the rooting process.

  • after you finish to root the Verizon LG Revolution VS 910 4G LTE the warranty will be lost. However, you can use it in case you decide to un-root the device.

  • backup all the data comprised within your device such as videos, images, games, music, call log, programs and all the other data files, which can be restored in case something goes wrong during the root operation.

  • your device needs to run on the latest firmware update, so please make sure that you have it installed. Also, you need to make sure that the LG Suite software is installed on your PC in order to make sure that the correct drivers will be installed.

  • the battery power level should be above 50% as the process will take a while before completion. Otherwise, when you’re right in the middle of the rooting process the device will shut down and there is nothing that you can do.

  • the APN setting values should be noted down, as these will be deleted while your device is being rooted. After the root is complete you can enter the same APN settings in order to be able to connect to the internet.

  • carefully follow the instructions and I remind you that in case you don’t know exactly what a root is, then you should stay away.

Now let’s get to the first step of the LG Revolution VS910 guide on how to successfully root it.

  1. Download the LG Revolution Rooting package files on your PC which contains the rooting files for the LG Revolution. In case you are presented with any password request you should enter the following password:

  2. Now, push the rage file you downloaded with ADB in this way: adb push rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin / data/ local/ temp/ rage.

  3. Now enter : adb shell chmod 777/ data/ local/ temp/ rage.

  4. Now you need to enter the following command line: adb shell ./ data/ local/ temp/ rage.

  5. Finally push the SU file using this command line: exit adb push su /system/bin adb shell chmod 755 /system/bin/su.

  6. Restart the device and then download  the Superuser and the Busybox tools. These can be found in the Android Market Place.

In case the rooting process of the LG Revolution VS910 has turned to be unsuccessful, then you should repeat all the steps. I hope that you understood easily the steps listed here and that you have managed to successfully root your LG Revolution VS910.

The LG Revolution VS910 features the 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and the 4G LTE chipset, a 4.3” capacitive touch screen with a 800×480 resolution, USB 2.0, 16GB hdd, 1.3MP front facing camera, 5MP main camera that can record 720p video, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support and it works with microSD cards up to 32GB. It runs on Android Froyo 2.2 OS. Also, it features support for HD TV through a HDMI output.

In case you have questions regarding the rooting process of the Verizon LG Revolution VS910 please our comments field to post all of your concerns.

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