How To Root Samsung Galaxy Pro


How To Root Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung Galaxy Pro is a smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard, coming with integrated Social Hub Premium function and with dual-input control using thanks to the touchscreen.

Samsung Social Hub Premium offers access to all email accounts, instant messaging and social networks with just a simple touch.

The UI is the ideal solution of the users who permanently juggle with work and personal relations, who are using multiple social networks and who are receiving a large volume of messages and emails. In order to simplify their lives, Social Hub Premium reunites all the email, social networking and instant messaging accounts in on place, offering direct access to all means of communication.

Coming with Android 2.2 Froyo, Samsung Galaxy Pro offers access to over 150,000 high quality applications and services from Android Market. This means that the users can personalize their smartphone with applications to suit their life style.

Because of the dual-input combination (the touchscreen and the QWERTY keyboard), the Samsung Galaxy Pro can react or answer to messages twice quicker. For quick and exact typing, the full QWERTY keyboard offers the accuracy of a PC keyboard. As about the intuitive utility, the touchscreen offer the complete control.

Samsung Galaxy Pro features a 3.0MP camera which captures images and video content. The photos can be viewed on the 2.8-inch display before you can upload it online. The WiFi and Bluetooth support assures permanent connectivity and the possibility to constantly share content with your friends.

Samsung Galaxy Pro also comes with an application for editing Office documents, Think Free, which allows you to view and edit MS Word, Excel and Power Poing documents anytime and anywhere.

If you are among the lucky guys that got their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Pro, we have good news for you as now you will be able to root your device. As we mentioned above, Samsung Galaxy Pro comes with Android 2.2 Froyo now you can root your device and gain administrative rights on your smartphone. And if you want to use your Samsung Galaxy Pro at its maximum capabilities you can unlock it using the method shown in this article.

Since Android is an open source mobile operating system you can customize it, but in order to do so with your Samsung Galaxy Pro you will have to root it. After you root your Samsung Galaxy Pro you will be able then to install custom ROMs on your device, such as Cyanogen for Samsung Galaxy Pro.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Pro can be done either with Z4 Root or SuperOneclick, both methods having their advantages and disadvantages. Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Pro involves some risks, and if don improperly you might end up bricking your device. Anyway if you follow the below instructions closely you will be able to safely root your Samsung Galaxy Pro using either Z4 Root or SuperOneClick. Also note that rooting your Samsung Galaxy Pro you will void the warranty, but the good news is that you can reclaim it anytime by simply un rooting your device.

As we mentioned above, rooting¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro involves some risks, so it’s best to prepare your phone properly for the rooting process. So, we highly recommend you to closely follow the pre-rooting instructions, as by doing so you will minimize the risk of bricking your device. So, let’s take a look and see how you should prepare your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro for the rooting procedure:

  • Once more, not that your warranty will void after your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro is rooted, but you can get it back anytime by un rooting your phone.

  • Because after you root your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro all the data stored on your device could be lost, we recommend you to backup the contacts, call log, messages, music and video files, or any applications your downloaded and installed from Android Market. Since the data on your microSD card will not be lost, moving the backuped files there is an alternative, as you will be able to easily restore them once your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro is rooted.

  • Make sure that you have KIES 2 installed on the computer you are performing the root form, which is the latest KIES version, which contains all the¬†drivers¬†your device requires to connect with the computer and then you can safely perform the¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro root procedure.

  • Since the¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro root procedure drains the battery very fast is advisable to keep your battery level above the 50% threshold, so you will minimize the risk of any unwanted even to interrupt the procedure. So, the higher the battery level of your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro, the fewer the chances that the root procedure to be interrupted.

  • After you root your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro, you will loose the APN settings, so we recommend you to write them down in order to configure your device once the root is finalized. The APN settings are used to connect to the Internet, so with them wiped off you won’t be able to use it anymore. Sometimes, the MMS settings are also wiped off by the rooting procedure, so remembering them is also advisable.

  • Make sure that you have admin rights on the computer you are performing the¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro root from, and also ensure that the computer runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Turn off all the antivirus programs, as well the firewall application as they might interrupt the root, and you don’t want this to happen.

  • Keep your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro original USB data cable handy, as you will need it during the root process.

Now that you are sure that your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro is ready for root procedure, let’s proceed and see which method you will choose. While some¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro users have complained that the Z4 Root method haven’t worked for them, as they were unable to root their devices, it worked just fine for us when we tested it. Z4 Root is a software that you will have to install it in your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro, then it will do all the work, of course with your help. On the other hand with SuperOneClick you will have to keep your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro connected to the computer, while the rooting is performed by this application. So, which one you’ll choose? We don’t know. All we can say is both worked for us extremely well, and that both are easy to use. It’s up to you.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pro with Z4 Root

Z4 Root application offers you the possibility of choosing between permanently or temproarly root your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro. But what temporary root means? It means that it only lasts before you reboot your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro once. So, we recommend you to choose the permanent root feature of Z4 Root application. Let’s see how it’s done:

  1. You will have to¬†download¬†Z4 root application, which comes as a ZIP file, and you can grab it from here. One the download finishes extract the ZIP file on your desktop (if prompted for password, type in “” – without the quotation marks). You can extract the file to any location in your computer, but we recommended the Desktop as it’s the easiest to access.

  2. Now, after the ZIP file is extracted, connect your Samsung Galaxy Pro to the computer using the USB data cable, and copy the extracted files on the SD card of your device. Copy the files you extracted on the root of tour SD card, so you can easily access it.

  3. Once the file is copied in your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro, launch it and install Z4 Root application, then once the installation is successfully finished, open the Z4 Root, by tapping on it. You should be able to see two options from which you can choose: “Temporary Root” and “Permanent Root.” Now choose the “Permanet Root” option by tapping on it, wait until your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro is rooted. Note that you must not interrupt the rooting process in anyway, as this might damage your phone. If you choose the “Temporary Root” option, your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro will get un rooted after the first reboot, so you will have to repeat the procedure.

  4. Wait while the Z4 Root application does it’s job, and once the whole procedure is finished you will notice that your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro will restart. Also notice that a “Superuser” icon which looks like a skull appeared in Home > Applications. This means that your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro was successfully rooted, and that now you have administrative¬†rights¬†on your device.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pro wit SuperOneClick

If for some reason you don’t want to use Z4 Root, the second method employs SuperOneClick Root application. While using Z4 Root you had to copy an APK file in your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro, the SuperOneClick method is easier to use and you won’t have to copy any files in your device. All the rooting happens by controlling it from computer. Even though it looks easier to use, if you are new to rooting business, you will find things confusing. Let’s see how to root Samsung Galaxy Pro using SuperOneClick applcation:

  1. Now before proceeding to root your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro using SuperOneClick, you will have to install Java SDK, which you can grab from here. Note that you should install the full SDK, not the Runtime version, as the last one doesn’t support the framework for Android SDK. Installing Java SDK will provide all the drivers your computer will require to finish the¬†Root¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro root procedure.

  2. Now proceed and download the SuperOneClick application, which you can download from here. Extract the ZIP file on the desktop of your computer (note that if you are prompted for password, you will have to type in “” – without the quotation marks). After the extraction is completed install the SuperOneClick application.

  3. Remove the SD memory card from your Samsung Galaxy Pro, or else all the data on it will be lost, or it can interrupt the root procedure. Now get your Samsung Galaxy Pro in USB debugging mode. Do do this go to Home > Applications > Settings > Application > Development > USB Debugging.

  4. Now open SuperOneClick application and connect your Samsung Galaxy Pro to the computer using the USB data cable. Once all the drivers required for rooting are installed in your Samsung Galaxy Pro, all you have to do is choose the “Root” option from top of the SuperOneClick window and wait. As you can see, SuperOneClick also offers you options like “Shell Root,” “Unroot,” or “Allow Non Market Applications.” Once you root your¬†Samsung Galaxy Pro, you can as well run the¬†”Allow Non Market Applications” procedure, then you will gain the access to install almost any app developed for your device.

Now that you successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Pro you will be able to enjoy all the new firmware updates for your device even before they are officially rolled our by Android. As well you will be able to install any custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Pro, and get it look much cooler and make it more easy to use. So, fell free to share your opinions on how your Samsung Galaxy Pro behaves after the rooting procedure in the comments section bellow.

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