How To Avoid Search Engines Data Profiling With TrackMeNot


How To Avoid Search Engines Data Profiling With TrackMeNot

TrackMeNot is a Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome extension that protects you against surveillance during web searches, and making data profiling by search engines.

TrackMeNot is not doing this by using encryption and dissimulation, but is just the opposite, is using lots of noise and confusion. With TrackMeNot your web searches are lost in a cloud of false tracks, and are hidden from other’s looks.

TrackMeNot comes as a Firefox and Chrome extension and works on most of the popular search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Google and MSN) and it doesn’t require a third-party server or service.

TrackMeNot was developed thinking about the proliferation of search engines – the process by which search engines track your searches, building on their demographic profile. The decision to ‘mass product’ the software was made ??following publication of a list of 657,000 AOL members and their search for a period of three months.

We do not overlook the needs of privacy, but the technique used in TrackMeNot is questionable. The extension runs in the background when users are browsing, sending random searches of search engines AOL, Yahoo, Google and MSN. A real waste of resources for both users and search engines.

TrackMeNot is a plug-in that will protect you from sites like Google (ie search engines do more than just finding things for you), which records all the searches you perform. If you logged in to your Google account is even worse, it stores the whole history of searches performed. Maybe I am paranoiac. Maybe.

But how will TrackMeNot protect you? It will “stun” the search engine by doing random searches at a predefined interval. So if one day you do 10 searches on Google … they will be hidden behind a few hundred made by ??TrackMeNot. But if you set it to make 10 searches per minute, it will be difficult for anyone to realize that is almost impossible for anyone to figure out what your real searches are.

So, if you want to hide your searches behind other hundreds of searches, go ahead and install TrackMeNot.

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