How to Schedule And Manage Your Meetings Using


How to Schedule And Manage Your Meetings Using

This article will be enjoyed mostly by any one ho had enough¬†of those¬†corporate nightmare where agendas are lost, time is forgotten and many people say they didn‚Äôt get the memo. I’m sure that by now all the¬†employers did once at least try to¬†search for a¬†solution to scheduling meetings and making sure everyone is kept to up to date on all¬†business¬†changes.

If that was the case well in this article you will meat a great way to end all of those corporate nightmares and kept to up to date on all business changes. We are proud to present

What can do for you? Well is capable of providing a singular platform for creating:

  1. Meetings.

  2. Dates.

  3. Time and duration

  4. Topics.

  5. Invitations for participants.

  6. Adding agendas.

  7. The ability to collaborate with other participants.

The is a very handy web service that gives the users the ability to manage multiple meetings. What I did enjoy a lot about this web service is the fact that it packs a very simple dashboard view that provides the ability to view all meetings that you’ve scheduled and all updates for the meetings.

It’s very¬†dynamic¬†because those¬†agendas and meeting times can be¬†easily¬†edited¬†different files (images and documents) can be added to a meeting.

What about the participants and what they will need?

The participants don’t need to¬†sign up for an account, because they will¬†receive a unique link to a page that has details of the meetings, all of the documents are¬†accessible without the user needing to signup or sign in. You got the ability to send¬†invites with the standard message text or edit it and include a personal note of your own. In case¬†you want you can add meetings, plus you’ll be able to¬†choose participants from previous meetings.

When a meeting is changed then the¬†participants will¬†automatically¬†be updated¬†via email.¬†Don’t worry about those excessive annoying emails because if the meeting suffered multiple changes then the participant‚Äôs will still get only one email this thereby saving¬†you the¬†mention above those “excessive annoying mails”.

Important To Know:

The service is currently invite only. If you desire to sing up then please proceed and visit the site

Another thing worth mentioning is that any new account is only allowed to send three invites. We really think that this web service is very clever and useful so take advantage of it right away.

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