How To Fing The Best Jogging Music With


How To Fing The Best Jogging Music With

A new web service is available, specially created for people who jog because it will search and find the perfect song for you while you do your daily running. The software searches for music based on your running or jogging rhythm or BPM ( beats per minute ).

The new service allow users to create their own playlist so they can listen while running, jogging or cycling. Then the software will automatically create a walking list based on your kilometer time, and cycling playlists are based on your rotations per minute. The user has the choice to play the songs directly from ( which runs on Grooveshark ) or you can simply download the songs from AmazonMP3 or iTunes.

You can create different lists for running, walking or cycling and based on many rhythms. The service is also linked to Google Maps so you can build your own routes, and select a start and end points, but you can also create many routes and save them into your account.

As you already know, jogging is a very healthy thing to do, and now, you will have your own personal music ‘trainer’ with you to help, because it was scientifically demonstrated that listening to music helps you to run more.

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