How To Restore Your System To Factory Settings


How To Restore Your System To Factory Settings

Free time is such an issue these days. I imagine when you have installed your Windows OS you will not wish to reinstall it in a couple of days. But there is a known fact that although the installation is going smoothly there will be a moment when the system will start to crash and different system failures will begin to appear. In general it is recommended to do a couple of things: stop all the processes that are user generated, also be sure to quit all the running applications and wait for the moment when the system will resolve somehow all the issues.

There is one drawback to this thing: the time it takes to unload apps and services and all kind of other memory blocks that might happen in a normal computer work day. But what is the solution if somehow there is a problem with system related services. What are the solutions if you encounter problems regarding things like core system services, registry settings and also let’s say prefetch files? I would recommend using a product like Refresh PC. This is in fact a nice small tool that has multiple usage purposes: it will not only refresh your system but also will try to resolve some issues by making a reset to Windows services. Also things like cleaning the Temp files and folders and optimizing the system specific registry keys will happen with the simple push of a button.

The process is very simple and all you will need to do is right click the Refresh My Windows 7 Settings button. This will make the program to start fixing your problems by doing a test over Windows System Services and Windows Registry Settings. It will also set these two services to their default settings by simply cleaning the Temp and Windows Prefetch data.

Also the developers have assured that their software will also be able to reduce all the errors in Windows Event viewer will make some fixes over the other  services that might be the problem in your slow system.

After finishing the refresh and cleaning of your system you will be asked for a restart. A pop up will appear and I suggest pressing the “OK” option. After the restart is made your system should start to behave in a normal way. Also this app will let you to return to your default settings from the factory. The process is not very hard and you will find out we are speaking about a straight forward procedure.  You can Download RefreshPC from this link.

Also a good thing for you out there is that this is a product that works fine under all the major Microsoft OS like Windows XP and Windows Vista. Also for Windows 7 users there are two versions available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. I found this tool to be very effective and I recommend you all to use it on a weekly bases. Or better I wish you all to not need to ever use it although I think Steve Ballmer has other ideas.

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