How To Embed A Facebook Video On Any Web Page


How To Embed A Facebook Video On Any Web Page

I’m sure that all of you are¬†familiarized with the¬†Facebook Videos. This option allows Facebook users to:

  1. Share videos.

  2. Upload videos.

This option is very useful because your friends can get the ability to tag friends in the videos and video messaging support too. This option is the opposite of other video hosting services such as :

  1. MetaCafe.

  2. Youtube.

  3. Dailymotion.

Facebook isn’t general video hosting website, it’s actually a social networking site with photo and video support, though you can embed videos, even if ¬†the¬†embed code is not available generally, just the owners have¬†the rights to view the embed code.

I’m sure that there was a time when¬†you may want to embed a video uploaded by someone else on Facebook. In case you¬†didn’t know yet, Facebook gives you the ability to¬†direct visitors to view the videos, but by doings so the visitors will need to¬†login to Facebook, or sign up for one account if haven‚Äôt got one.

But what about users who simply don’t need or want to¬†register a Facebook account or¬†neither¬†want to sign in to Facebook just to view a video?

Rest assured because we’ve got a trick on how to¬†simply¬†embed Facebook Videos on any web pages. Please follow this¬†article¬†to see how easy it is to embed code on Facebook Videos!

The generic embed code has the purpose to embed any video on Facebook and to add the video for direct viewing on :

  1. Any Blog.

  2. Any Web page.

  3. Any community forum.

  4. And subject to privacy settings.

How to Embed Facebook Videos on Any Web Page

Follow this steps to achieve the above:

  1. Come on and¬†check¬†out the “Embed this Video Link” is shared for the video ( you’ll need to know that the “link” is placed¬†to the bottom right of video.

  2. Look for the “Share” botton and bellow the botton there will be the “View in High Quality”, “Report Video”, “Embed this Video”.

  3. One thing you’ll need to definitely know is that if that button is¬†available¬†simply¬†lick on it and you will get the embed code for the video right away.

  4. If you were unlucky to find the embed code link because it wasn’t in the above trick don’t worry we got a solution for this too: locate the unique ID for the video from the URL.

  5. Please stop and lookup and there it is: the web browser’s address bar!

  6. Go on the note down the long string of numbers which come after the vparameter.

It needs to look something like this: “″

Another example can be the fact that, video plays at will have the unique Facebook ID of “123456789012345?.

Most times the¬†URL may be longer plus it can contain other parameters, so please make sure that you always look for numbers that come after ‚Äúv‚ÄĚ parameter.

  1. Please go on the web page that you desire, copy and paste the following Facebook Videos embed code.

  2. Important to remember, that you need to replace the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the actual Facebook unique video ID obtained from step above.

<object width=”576″ height=”432″ >

<param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" />
<param name="movie" value="" />
<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="576" height="432">

Congrats the video on Facebook can now be viewed directly from your website.

But you’ll need to know that¬†the embedded video will respect privacy settings applied by owner or uploaded of video on Facebook.

Please understand that unless you share the video with Public, the visitors will need to login and be your friends or in the network of your friends to view the video.

Important to know that if the¬†visitor is not authorized to view the video, then a ‚ÄúSecure Video‚ÄĚ will¬†appear, stating that “Due to Privacy Settings, not everyone can see this video. Login to Facebook if you have permission.” Enjoy!

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