How To Automatically Import AIM Buddies In Google Talk


How To Automatically Import AIM Buddies In Google Talk

If you are a Google lover and at the same time you use a lot of AIM you have probably noticed the big changes that have happen lately. We are talking of course about the fact that AIM has integrated Google Talk, a feature that will allow you to talk with your friends using both protocols and at the same time only one login. Although the method of using such a feature is not hard to handle there are some things that you will need to know before making the “talk” happening.

As you already noticed the feature where you would be able to sign into AIM with Google Chat is long gone and that is because Google has integrated AIM directly with only one log in requirement. Although the integration is up for some weeks now the nasty part until now was the fact that you had to add all your buddies manually in order to stay in contact with them. But apparently people from AIM have noticed the disadvantage of this and offered to their customers a solution that will make the process very easy and especially automated.

The 1st thing that you need to do is go and access the Import to Gmail page and log in with your username and password. After making the verification, a message will appear where you will be asked to insert all your Gmail credentials as well. And in fact this is the last step because a message will appear that will tell you that all of your contacts are imported. And in fact that is the entire process! To make verification, simply go to your Gmail account and at this point all your AIM contacts should pop up in the Chat sidebar. The one thing you need to know is that this feature will only show the most frequent 38 used contacts and if you desire more there is still the need to update the others manually. You will say that: “hey only 38?” but from experience I find that you don’t normally need more contacts.

Now let’s make a short list of advantages and disadvantages of this implementation.


  • The most obvious thing that you already guessed is the fact you will have to log in only with one log in and use in fact two separate services.

  • Another great thing about this method is that you can use both protocols on the same IM client. If we think that all major IM clients out there have both GTalk and AIM implemented in them you can realize the big deal this could prove to common desktop users.

  • If we switch to the smartphone users and especially to those who are using Android OS base devices we can tell you that because of this “coalition” people will be able to their AIM buddies right from Google’s official GTalk app. If we combine this with the fact that this is probably the best client on Android out there things get better and better.

But as all things there are some bad points I must state. So here are the disadvantages:

  • Like all good things that appear in the IT department this 1st version is still a little buggy.

  • Like for example your AIM buddies will not be able to see your AIM screen name after the log in is made. This will be replaced with a created contact for your Gmail address.

  • Another problem that happened to me several times is the fact that some of my contacts weren’t showed in the sidebar. To make things even confusing sometimes you will be able to see only they GTalk accounts, other times only their AIM and has happened to me that persons will appear even twice. Most of the times the problem was solved if I will let the computer make all the loading necessary, so I guess after all this could be a matter of loading all the necessary data.

  • To make a short idea it isn’t that nice to search for somebody and after a while notice that person is not in your buddies list.

  • And returning to that 48 contact limit as I already said I find this to be sufficient for the average users. But what happens to those who have hundreds of friends, clients and so on?  You can imagine that the amount being so huge there is a big frustration in adding all of them.

Using a normal desktop IM client will save you the headache of facing all these problems. You can easily use GTalk and AIM separately, a fact that we strongly recommend until things change a little. At this point if you don’t really need this feature and you are not that excited to get AIM in the Gmail web interface or on Android‘s Talk app the old fashion desktop client is by far the best choice. But we do hope things change very quickly because we must admit: the potential is out there and is pretty impressive.

If you have tried the new AIM integration in Gmail be sure to post and let us know about your thoughts. And also if you find anything to add please be sure to post it because exchanging information is the best technique of knowing all.

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