How To Hide Address Bar In Mozilla Firefox


How To Hide Address Bar In Mozilla Firefox

If you are a computer geek and let me tell you from the start there is no shame in that (we are the same and we love it) you also probably enjoy the battle (which is a fierce one) different product producers make. For example let’s take Microsoft and Apple. This is a battle that happens over OS and people are divided when you put a simple question like: “What is the best OS out there on the market”. In recent years another battle that we have enjoyed is that between Apple’s iOS and what Google has offered for the smartphone market with their Android (we find this to be the best so far). Well you would say that apparently Apple has managed to put their tale in almost every sector of the IT department.  There is one department they haven’t presented any important product and that is the browser one.

Here we have three major competitors: Microsoft and their Internet Explorer, Google with Google Chrome and the people who have made Mozilla Firefox. In my personal view I find that Chrome and Firefox are the best on the market so far. Although Microsoft has tried to improve their IE product numbers still show they are losing ground.

Like for example with the Chrome Canary out people have managed to find one nice feature which is a simple but yet impressive “hide the address bar”.  This option will do what its name suggests and apparently it’s such a good thing that people from Mozilla are also offering it to their people. The extension is called LessChrome HD and will do the same thing as in the Chrome case: hide the address bar.

Other things like bookmarks bar and all extension buttons will also be invisible to the average user. But how can you make them appear again in case you will need one of them? The process is very simple and all that you will need to do is hover your mouse over a tab they will be present again. The one difference I have found in this extension is the fact that the Firefox version also hides things like the forward, back and home buttons.

You will have your bar at your disposal if you click anywhere on the page. But there are some things that won’t make this thing happen like creating a new link, loading a new page and also reloading the current page.

Overall I find this to be a progress in the browser department because it offers more and more flexibility in the design of your web browser. Also the place where you see the information (information which is the purpose of somebody accessing an address) is being enlarged which is of course a good thing.

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