How To Answer / End Calls On Android Phones Using ShakeCall


How To Answer / End Calls On Android Phones Using ShakeCall

For all Android users I have good news. I present you an application that allows you to answer and to end calls by shaking your phone. If you don’t want to use the slider to answer and to end a call this is the solution. The application is named SahekeCall and it is free. If you want to learn how to answer or how to end calls on your Android phone, read the following article and thanks to the ShakeCall app you will be able to make it.

The ShakeCall app is based on the accelerometer and proximity sensor of the Android phone. It is very easy to use this application. You must to download the ShakeCall in your phone and then you must to simply install it. Then you will be able to shake your Android phone to answer or to end a call. You can download the great application from here.

Also, you must know that you can set the sensitivity in the settings section. Also, the Disconnect Call Fix option, when is enabled, ensures that the calls do not disconnect while you are holding the phone to your ear. You can try this free application and I think that is a very useful for answer and for end the calls.

And that’s all. Don’t forget, the ShakeCall app is free and you can download it from Android Market, using the above link or the QR code. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to share them in the comments area below.

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