How To Upgrade Your Google Nexus S GT-i9023 To Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread


How To Upgrade Your Google Nexus S GT-i9023 To Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

This article will come as great news for all worldwide Google Nexus S GT i9023 owners!

So if you own an¬†Google Nexus S GT I’9023¬†well here come that great news, starting from today all the users of the beloved¬†Google Nexus S GT i9023 can enjoy the latest 2.3.4 version of¬†Gingerbread meaning that you can say “goodbye” to the¬†current Gingerbread 2.3.3.

I’m sure that only one questing is passing through your mind right now: “What¬†comes with this latest update?”

So let’s proceed by simply checking out and see what are the “new stuff”¬†which have been updated in the 2.3.4 version I’m sure that all of the¬†Google Nexus S GT’ i9023 users will definitely “LOVE” this update.

For all of you who don’t know yet the Samsung Nexus S GT I9023 is a official phone from Google.¬†So if you’re wondering and I know you are, how difficult is the hole process of upgrading from the old 2.3.3 version to the latest 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread, well don’t worry because the hole process is quite very easy and you will enjoy this because you will see those improved services that this latest version brings for all the Google Nexus S GT’¬†I9023 owners.

Very Important to know that: this device (Google Nexus S GT I9023)s NOT the same with the normal and regular Google Nexus S gt-i9020, so please check you model number in the Settings app.

Improvements with the 2.3.4 update:

I am¬†very¬†excited to present this new and¬†awesome¬†Nexus S¬†update because my¬†colleagues did enjoy a lot what this update did for¬†their Google Nexus S devices.¬†Trust me when is say that my colleagues¬†were very pleased with the results¬†especially¬†the 3D part. This new Google Nexus S update bing’s¬†awesome¬†gifts friends! Picture that the latest thing that I can tell you about this update is indeed the fact that the¬†2.3.4 update version is now capable to grant you¬†aces¬†to the¬†Google Maps of 5.1 version in 3D!

The “gifts” don’t stop here because now you’ll be able to enjoy the¬†Voice search 2.1.1 version that by the way is quite improved because it can now detect the voice actions more accurately¬†compared¬†to¬†the previous one!

Another great thing is that the book readers can now enjoy improved version of Google Books!

My¬†favorite feature! Let’s proceed with the “Improvements”¬†about Google Nexus S GT that I personally have waited for long, is the¬†video chat option. This feature goes hand in hand¬†with¬†your native Gtalk client without any add-ons. Don’t worry because the¬†awesome¬†features are still to come,¬†Gtalk will now be powering the capability of Video chat.

Many Google Nexus S users noticed in the Gingerbread 2.3.3 some issues with the Gtalk because there were many reports that the Gtalk client goes into the Offline mode when data speeds become lower or even in low WiFi speeds.

In the current Gingerbread 2.3.3. Google Nexus S users did encounter another annoying issue such as the frequent forced closings in their gallery application, but now in this new version the problem has been fixed.

In this update you can also have an all new Gallery for Android so you can enjoy it as it provides the iPhone-like view of all photos which are there in the Gallery with host of other added benefits and features.

I almost forgot to mention that those two:¬†3G and¬†WiFi icons are now fixed and¬†also the strange behavior of the phone’s status bar has been fixed.

I’m sure that the battery life is a great matter to all of you so to be fair this update brings a better battery life.

The navigation and the GPS have been improved as some bugs have been fixed. If you encountered any problem with Adobe Flash, please sit back and enjoy the goodness of Adobe Flash 10.3 for rich flash content in Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread.

Very important to know that: this 2.3.4 update is an official update that we got from the Google Servers so proceed with confidence.

Pre Upgrade Instructions:

First things first so in order to simply proceed with the update please make sure that you have made a backup to all of your personal data or else you risk to lose all of them in the process.

Another thing that I recommend is that you also backup the MMS and the Internet APN settings so after the update you can store them back because they will be erased for sure. Next please proceed by removing the SIM card.

Very important for this operation to proceed is the fact that you’ll need to make sure that your¬†Google Nexus S has¬†at least more than fifty percent of battery life because the update process literally¬†can suck the battery dry.

So in case that you’ll not be able to update and the process will be¬†interrupted¬†then you need to¬†understand¬†that you’ll have to start all over¬†again.¬†Please know that if you did root your device¬†earlier then¬†after¬†the Google Nexus S¬†update you’ll need to root the device once¬†again¬†as the phone will be unrooted.

Procedure to install the latest 2.3.4 update

Come on and start by downloading the latest Gingerbread 2.3.4 package for Google Nexus S GT I9023 on your PC.

Important to know that you’ll need¬†download¬†the update package exactly the same without¬†modifications, the place that you need to put the package is on the your desktop. After¬†downloading comes the¬†unzipping, and you’ll be asked for a¬†password. Please enter this one :¬†

Once the above operation is done please proceed copying the downloaded file to the root of your internal memory, so simply please try to not modify the file because then the device will not be able to detect the update file.

This operation is very easy because all you have to do, is to use the USB cable to simply move the 2.3.4 Gingerbread package from the PC to your Google Nexus S device.

So after making sure to copy the file on the Google Nexus S, go ahead and do the following: simply disconnect the USB connection and then turn off the Google Nexus S device.

Please proceed by removing the SIM card, followed by powering up the Nexus S device into recovery mode. Once in the recovery mode please, you will see the “apply update”. Then go ahead and just select the same¬†firmware file which you have placed in the¬†Google Nexus S GT followed by the “Power” button to simply select the same.

The process will take about 7 ‚Äď 9 minutes for the processing of the update. Okay as soon as the process finishes then you will notice that the Google Nexus S will show once¬†again¬†the recovery mode, please follow up and select the “reboot” option. When we finished the process, the build number is “GRJ22″ as this is the final build for Android 2.3.4.

Please let me know if you did encounter any issues when upgrading the Google Nexus S and I will try to provide you with the best solutions.

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