How To Remove / Uninstall Mac Defender Virus ( Removal Guide )


How To Remove / Uninstall Mac Defender Virus ( Removal Guide )

The Mac OS X users have manage to escape the malware attacks until now, but it seems that from time to time the creators of the malicious softwares are turning their heads towards Mac. One of their latest creations is a trojan virus that was named Mac Defender, and which pretends it’s an AV program.

Identified by Intego, Mac Defenter is spreading thanks to an extraordinary SEO, which places the trojan on the front page of the search engines. So, the users that are searching for a legit protection for their Macs and up being tricked and download the Mac Defender trojan.

Once you install Mac Defender in your computer, the malware will prompt you that it detected some viruses in your system and opens different webpages in your browser to prove you so. Mac Defender is configured to launch every time you power your computer, and closing it is difficult, as you will only see one icon in the menu bar, but not in Dock.

If you try remove the fake virus Mac Defender pretended it detected, you will have to first register Mac Defender by clicking the link in the About menu, a link that will sent you to an illegal site that offers registration keys and licenses for this fake AV, for 1 year, 2 years, or for lifetime, at a price of $60, $70 and $80 respectively. Once you buy a licence code for Mac Defender, the fake virus alerts will stop, “confirming” that the AV is doing its job.

The risk level that Mac Defender brings is pretty low, because the users only have to download and install it, and then introduce the administrative password.

So, viruses on Mac OS X? Here goes another advantage of Macs over the Windows OS. Fortunately, removing this malware from your Mac PC is one of the easiest processes, so here’s what you have to do in order to remove Mac Defender virus:

  1. First you will have to open the Activity Monitor on your Mac PS, then choose the “All process” option in order to be able to see all the processes currently running on your system.

  2. From the list of opened processes locate “MacDefender,” and click the “Quit Process” red button button, then choose “Force Quit” option.

  3. Next, you will have to go to the Applications folder. Once there locate the folder named “MacDefender,” then right click on it. Select “Move Trash” to remove Mac Defender virus, then head to the Trash folder, and empty it.

  4. Now open Safari, and open the option menu, located in the upper left corner of the window. Choose “Reset Safari”

Some of the Mac OS X users have complained about not being able to remove Mac Defender using this method. If you are encountering the same issue, put your Mac in Safe Mode, then perform the exactly same steps again. Now you should be able to easily remove Mac Defender malware.

Another alternative for uninstalling Mac Defender virus is to install an AV program for Mac, let’s say Sophos, but installing such software with Mac Defender in your system, might make your Mac unstable, so the above method is the easiest and the safest.

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