How To Change Android Base Notifications With Bubbles


How To Change Android Base Notifications With Bubbles

Bet all of you back home love your Android based smartphone. And what is no to love when you own a gadget that offers you almost everything you could ever want. But as uncle Ben in Spiderman said “With great power comes great responsibility”, things like this implement at some point to your handset.

I would rephrase that uncle Ben saying and would put it this way “With great phone operating system comes great frustration”. I don’t say this OS is annoying but I would say it has some things that can present a frustration at some point. Like for example aren’t you tired of having to drag again and again that status bar to be able to see/use every notification? I know I am. And what would be the solution of this problem?

What if I would tell you there is also the possibility to see all those notifications floating around your screen! Well this can be achieved with the help of Notifications Bubbles, a free app available on Android Market. This is in fact an interactive live wallpaper that will display all your Twitter, Facebook and even SMS notifications in some floating bubbles right there on your floating screen.

The difference between this wallpaper and the rest out there on the Market is that this isn’t just a decoration thingy that also offer a nice animation. I see this being more of a utility. You will find that every notification bubbles will be in fact exactly like a status bar. All you will have to do is just pop up the bubble and you will be forwarded towards the desired screen of the application.

A downfall of this live wallpaper was in the “Settings” department because apparently there is no option to speed up or even slow down the animation. The one thing that you can set is the number of empty bubbles with the “Set number of empty bubbles” option. This can be very useful at some point if you have an “old school” device that will start to present slowness in speed and functionality.

At some point I am sure that Notification Bubbles will not impress you with the looks it offers because I am sure not all of you man out there want to see bubbles around your screen. But again if you see this by only the functionality this can be a very nice app. This will be perfect for all of you who prefer functionality over aspect. You can find this Android app by simply searching the words notification bubbles in the Android Market. The installation is pretty straight forward and you will have this app working in just a couple of minutes.

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