How To Disable HTC Droid Incredible Data Cap And Throttling


How To Disable HTC Droid Incredible Data Cap And Throttling

HTC Droid Incredible smartphone features a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and comes with 8Gb of internal memory and 748 MB of RAM, a slot for microSD card (up to 32GB are supported), 8MP camera with dual LED flash and autofocus and an AMLOED capacitive touchscreen with 480 x 800 resolution.

Le piece de resistance is the Android 2.1 Froyo firmware with HTC Sense. HTC Droid Incredible is almost the same phone with HTC Desire, with parts almost identical with the ones of Google Nexus One.

Instead of choosing to use a common black and boring back case, HTC offered it a linear aspect, and they believe it looks like a race car, giving it a special character.

As you probably know, Verizon uses Data Cap and Data Throtle, once you exceed the internet limit usage, but we have good news for your HTC Droid Incredible. Now you will be able to remove the data cap or throttle thanks to an application built by XDA developers.

Before proceeding to remove the data cap and data throttle on your¬†HTC Droid Incredible you should know that this hack only works if you previously rooted your device. The method we are providing basically changes the services.jar file of your¬†HTC Droid Incredible, which contains¬†information¬†about carrier’s data cap and data throttle.

The great thing about this trick is that all you have to do is flash it and there you are, you get unlimited data access. Another great thing about it is that it works on almost all HTC Droid Incredible custom ROM, and some of the guys who already tried it, said that it even makes their data connections faster.

But before proceeding and removing the data cap or data throttle from your¬†HTC Droid Incredible, let’s take a look and see the pre-installation requirements:

  • First you will have to download the Data Throttle Remover supported by your ROM version. You can get Data Throttle Remover and all the¬†information about your ROM¬†from here.

  • You will have to root your¬†HTC Droid Incredible, that if you haven’t already.

  • ClockworkMod Recovery

  • Make sure that you have¬†administrative¬†rights on the computer you are¬†performing¬†the installation from

  • Ensure that your¬†HTC Droid Incredible battery level it’s at least 50%, in order to prevent the device from turning off during the installation. So, the higher the battery level, the smaller the risk of the process to be interrupted.

  • Keep your USB data cable in handy, because you will use it later in the process.

Now that you are sure you have all it takes to remove data cap or data throttle from your HTC Droid Incredible, follow the below tutorial in order to finish the remove procedure:

  1. After you checked that your HTC Droid Incredible is rooted, download the Data Throttle Remover which according to your custom ROM. The Data Throttle Remover will be downloaded as a ZIP file.

  2. Now you will have to go to Android Market and download ROM Manager, and then install it on your HTC Droid Incredible.

  3. Once the ROM Manager is installed, launch it from your and install ClockworkMod Recovery 3.x on your¬†HTC Droid Incredible (it’s the first option in ROM Manager).

  4. Connect your HTC Droid Incredible to the computer using the USB data cable, and use the SD memory card as disk drive. Now copy the Remove Data Throttle file you downloaded from the above link on the root of your SD card.

  5. Reboot your¬†HTC Droid Incredible in recovery mode. To do so, you can either use ROM Manager and select Recovery reboot or you can do it by holding down “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons¬†together¬†for a few seconds.

  6. In recovery mode, use the volume buttons to navigate, and go to the “Install ZIP from SD Card” option and select it to install Remove Data Throttle from your SD card.

  7. Now wait until Remove Data Throttle is flashed to your HTC Droid Incredible.

  8. Once completed, reboot your HTC Droid Incredible.

Congratulation, you just disabled Data Throttle and Data Cap from your HTC Droid Incredible. For further inquiries and questions feel free to comment in the special section bellow. Also feel free to share your experience with Remove Data Throttle, and if your data services speed have improved.

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