How To Switch Between Multiple iTunes Accounts With iTunes Account Switcher


How To Switch Between Multiple iTunes Accounts With iTunes Account Switcher

Some of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users have complained they can’t download and install all the application on iTunes Store, because some of them are not available in their country. But you can somehow “fool” iTunes Store by having multiple accounts from different countries. But this way is not very handy because it takes some time to switch between the¬†accounts.

Not anymore, as an application called iTunes Account Switcher was released, helping you switch between the accounts easily, with just a few clicks. The iTunes Account Switcher is easy to use, and runs in your menu bar. The only matter is that iTunes Account Switcher application was only released for Mac, so bad news for you Windows users.

But enough with the details and let’s cut to the chase and see how to easily switch between multiple iTunes accounts using¬†iTunes Account Switcher:

  1. First you will have to download iTunes Account Switcher, which you can grab from here

  2. Drag iTunes Account Switcher¬†into the Applications folder. Click the “Yes” button when you will be asked to turn on UI scripting (that if you haven’t enabled it already). By¬†enabling¬†User¬†Interface¬†Scripting you will allow the Apple script files to interact with the UI elements.

  3. Now you should be able to see the¬†iTunes Account Switcher icon in the menu bar (it looks like MySpace’s logo!!!).

  4. Add you iTunes accounts. In order to do so open¬†iTunes Account Switcher then go to “Edit Accounts.” Now select the country for your iTunes account (you can return and change the country at any time)

  5. After you finished adding all the accounts, return and change the country. Now you can go to the menu bar and easily change the iTunes accounts using iTunes Account Switcher.

Besides it’s easy and fast, using¬†iTunes Account Switcher has another advantage: the application doesn’t check the validity of the iTunes accounts you added to the list. Another nice feature of¬†iTunes Account Switcher is that you won’t have to open it every time you launch iTunes. You can set¬†iTunes Account Switcher to automatically load your iTunes Store accounts at launch. Do do so go to System Preferences > Accounts and add¬†iTunes Account Switcher to your “Login Items” list.

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