4 Best Windows 7 Taskbar Tips & Tricks


4 Best Windows 7 Taskbar Tips & Tricks

As we all notice that the Windows Seven is peaking a quite funky looking taskbar, but it also packs a wallop in terms of functionality. Yes, all the users can activate an application by simply clicking on its icon. Our question is: what happens when you middle-click?

Okay let us tell all the Windows Seven users that there’s a way to run an application as an Administrator right from its taskbar icon! Please proceed by reading how to be able to do some neat stuff in the Windows Seven.

The Magic Of Middle-Click

If you did try to middle-clicking then you did notice that it has two¬†reverse actions. One of that action¬†to¬†open a new instance, and the second is that it can close an instance of an application.¬†To simply understand in case you’re wondering that if you middle-click the icon, then you get a new instance of the application.

Try by middle-clicking that Aero Peek thumbnail, the current window will close.

Run As Administrator

To simply run an application from the Windows 7 taskbar as an administrator, please try by left-click its icon while holding down the Shift and Ctrl keys. After doing this the operating system Windows will pop-up a UAC prompt that will sure ask for the privileges of the Administrator and once you confirm, the application will run with elevated rights.

Important to know that if the app is already running, then the operating system Windows will simply open a new instance of it, not elevate the existing instance (this cannot be done, technically). In my case I did chose for my system larger thumbnails. It did help me a lot especially when I’m a bit farther than usual from my monitor.

I need to let you know that the Windows Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer doesn’t require administrative privileges, because is mobile and free, and once you run it and set the parameters to your liking, you can even remove it from your system.

Disable Aero Peek For The Desktop

You probably know that any time you’ve hovered over this hotspot, all windows would indeed ‚Äúdisappear‚ÄĚ (become transparent), and the desktop would show through and thats way it¬†wasn’t¬†obvious to her where the cursor is. It was virtually off-screen.

Please know that if something like this ever happens then you can simply disable Aero peek for the desktop:

  1. Go to the bottom-right area of the taskbar.

  2. Please make sure to right-click the Aero Peek hotspot for the desktop and when the menu pops up, disable Aero Peek.

  3. Then proceed by unchecking the “Peek at desktop”.

  4. You did it, now the operating system will¬†stop ‚Äúdisappearing‚ÄĚ.

Your Turn Now

If you know any other tricks please let us know.

So you did learn some new things about the Windows Seven and the awesome thing is that you are now able to show your novice friends something neat when they start using Windows Seven.

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