How To Download Embedded Online Videos Using GotClip For Windows XP / Vista / 7


How To Download Embedded Online Videos Using GotClip For Windows XP / Vista / 7

I assume¬†that¬†you have¬†encountered that situation of seeing a very nice video and you simply had to have it but nowadays there is no option to let you direct¬†download¬†that video this is why we’ve¬†managed¬†to get our hands on an¬†awesome¬†a one-click online video downloading tool: it’s called¬†GotClip.

The GotClip¬†has the purpose¬†to simply¬†focuses much more on the ability to instantly download video clips instead of setting up lengthy configurations before downloading online videos and I think these are very good news because most of the available software can’t do this.

This GotClip is very friendly to the following major online video sharing platforms such as:

  1. Dailymotion.

  2. Youtube.

  3. Vimeo Veoh.

  4. Goole Videos.

  5. MetaCafe and plenty more.

What about those flash videos embedded in any blog, forum, personal page and so on nowadays ? Well not to worry because GotClip it got it covered, using the GotClip will definitely able you to simply download any desired flash videos.

Nowadays you will find out that¬†other video downloaders, simply can’t allow you to download¬†multiple videos. But the GotClip gives users the ability to¬†download¬†multiple videos at a time, without hassling with adding video URLs each time to download them and this is way we did enjoy this¬†awesome¬†a one-click online video downloading tool.

Another thing worth mentioning will be that the users can indeed create a lists of videos that they wish to download and then simply insert into GotClip, and it will start downloading them in one go. Of course the users can also pause downloading and resume it later.

Most of the¬†online video downloaders¬†that¬†we’ve met yet can’t¬†pause the video downloading process,¬†eventually forcing users to start the download process all over again and this is way the GotClip is indeed a very unique¬†downloader.

So let’s proceed to understand how you can¬†download videos:

So you’re all set and you want to start to download the video clip, simply go ahead and copy the video URL and paste in its pastebox then followed by a simple click on the “Start” tab to begin the download process. The pause of any download¬†can be¬†achieved by simply clicking on “Pause” button.

The GotClip can work on the following:

  1. Windows 7.

  2. Windows Vista.

  3. Windows XP.

Please proceed by enjoying  this brand new toy, that will definitely lets you get that pleasure of waching any video you desire. Enjoy!

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