How To Download And Use QManga For Windows XP / Vista / 7


How To Download And Use QManga For Windows XP / Vista / 7

In the previews article I presented the Manga Ripper how indeed is a quite very useful tool for all the graphic arts freaks out there. I’m sure that many Manga fans know that the term “Manga” is in fact the Japanese word for comics.

We all did notice that the Manga style did have a very well impact on the art lovers and fans, I need to tell you that we have a soft spot for them too. Around the world this is considered an artistic form of storytelling that includes Japanese and non-Japanese works.

After the previous review of the Ripper we did notice the QManga. Well Manga fans here comes a neat portable app which specializes in reading Manga and Anime comics. Yep the Q Manga has the ability to open a large array of files, plus another super thing is that QManga can indeed support the following seven types of files:

  1. ZIP

  2. RAR

  3. CBZ

  4. CBR

  5. PNG

  6. GIF

  7. JPG

The QManga users can benefit from the fact that they can simply custom hotkeys in order to switch between different pages. There is a little trick I need you to let you know about, when you first start the app the Manga files may not automatically open with QManga for the first time. Meaning that you will probably need to associate it as the default application for opening them.

Let me show you how simply you can achieve this:

  1. Go ahead and  right-click context menu then followed by ”Oper With”.

  2. Then simply tick “Always use the selected program..” then at the checkbox, select QManga and click OK.

  3. Another way you can do this is by clicking the “File menu” followed by the “Open” and then select the appropriate file from its location to load it.

  4. In order to switch to the next page simply left-click on the page.

  5. One of the same things can be done from the View menu, which has options for switching to full screen view, the next, previous or last page and rotating image.

  6. In the menu you will find some hotkeys that can be used to perform the above functions.

  7. If you are not pleased with the hotkeys you can easily change them from “Options” in the “Edit menu”

Let’s proceed with the Interface tab that contains customization options for viewing the page, such as, changing the visibility of the menu and scroll bar, layout, image size, as well as management of  scroll and auto sensitivity levels.

Another thing you need to understand because it can come handy is tha “Hotkeys tab” that has the purpose to let the user add or change custom hotkeys for switching between different pages. The customization options can also be accessed from “Mouse tab” which allows you to change and assign roles for mouse buttons and wheel.

The QManga works on:

  1. Windows 7.

  2. Windows Vista.

  3. Windows XP.

Here you can download the Q Manga.

I hope you liked this article and do not hesitate to let us know what is your opinion on the Q Manga, Enjoy!

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